How To Download Your Facebook Account Information


Apr 26, 2018

Outside Google, Facebook probably has the biggest personal data directory on you. Whether you are considering shutting down your account or really itching to find just how much the world’s biggest social network knows about you, downloading your personal Facebook archive is the way to go.

All those comments, messages, status updates, shares, likes, photos, videos and other content can be easily obtained in a form of a .zip file. Here’s how you can download all the information you ever created through your Facebook account:

    ■ Type in the address bar and press Enter.

    ■ If you’re not logged in, provide your credentials in the required fields and click Log In.

    ■ On the Home page, click the down-arrow icon from the top-right corner.

    ■ Click Settings in the new menu.

    ■ In the General Account Settings page, click on Download a copy of your Facebook data link located below your personal information.

    ■ On the following page, click on the green Start My Archive button to start downloading your account information.

    ■ If prompted, re-enter your password so that Facebook knows it’s really you and click Submit.

    ■ In the following pop-up, click Start My Archive button once again.

    ■ Facebook will send a notification to your account, as well as an email with a download link inside it, with varying time of delivery (depending on the volume of information your account generated).

    ■ Once you click on either the notification or your email, you’ll be redirected to a page with the download link. Click on the green Download Archive button.

    ■ If prompted, supply your password once more you and click Submit.

    ■ A dialog to save file will appear and that’s left to do is to click Save to receive a .zip archive of your Facebook account.