How to Enable and Disable Chrome Extensions in Incognito Mode

Incognito mode does not make your surfing completely anonymous, but it does prevent Chrome from storing information about all of the websites that you have visited. It is also possible to browse and manage your extensions while in Incognito. Follow the steps below to enable or disable Chrome extensions while in Incognito mode.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome. In the upper right hand corner of your webpage, click on the hamburger menu (three lines).

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, select More tools and then Extensions.

Step 3: A list of all extensions will appear. Those extensions that can be enabled in Incognito will have a box underneath them. To enable in Incognito, click the box beside “Allow in Incognito.” To disable an extension, uncheck the box.

Not all extensions can be enabled in Incognito mode. You will know which ones can and cannot when you view your list of extensions. Only those with the “Allow in Incognito” box are the ones that will work.

Extensions do not work when you use the Incognito feature. Chrome disables them because it does not control how these extensions handle your personal data when your search the Internet. While in Incognito mode, none of your browsing history is recorded, and no cookies are stored. If you want an extension to work in Incognito mode, you have to follow the procedure above (Steps 1 through 3) in order to make it work.

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