How to Erase Data from a Mac Remotely

If you have iCloud, then you will be able to erase data from your Mac remotely. This can be done if your Mac is lost or stolen. Not only will it erase your data, but it will also make the computer unusable unless a passcode is provided.

Step 1: Open a web browser and go to
Step 2: Sign into iCloud and select “Find My iPhone.”

Step 3: Through “Find My iPhone,” click on your missing device.
Step 4: You will be presented with three options. Click “Remote Wipe.”
Step 5: Enter your passcode so that in the event that you find your device, you will be able to recover your information.
Step 6: You can choose a personalized message to be displayed on the screen like your phone number or name so that it can be returned to you if it was lost.
Step 7: Chose “Wipe” to confirm.

Recap: Have the app “Find My iPhone” downloaded and enabled in order to use “Remote Wipe.” All of your personalized data will be erased from your device if you choose to wipe it. The information can only be recovered with your passcode. It may also be helpful to couple that option with a message to be displayed on your device’s screen.

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