How To Fix ‘Bluetooth Not Available’ Error On MacBook Pro

It goes without saying that Bluetooth makes life as easy for us in so many ways. That said, there is need to keep track of the behavior of the Bluetooth feature installed in your MacBook Pro, especially the increased riding on Bluetooth in recent times as displayed by features such as Handoff, File Share and Continuity. Onwards there are technologies such as iBeacons that fully rely on the services of Bluetooth LE. With all the importance laid on this application, it is hard to imagine how life can be without a properly functional Bluetooth in your Mac.


If you are such kind of a person and your MacBook Pro constantly displays a "Bluetooth Not Available” message, this step by step tutorial will help you resolve the issue. The “Bluetooth Not Available” error often occurs after restarting or updating OS X. Whenever this happens, all the Bluetooth paraphernalia attached to the device stop functioning. At the point of disconnection, the Apple System Profiler will accommodate nothing else on the screen meaning that the problem is serious. There is proof that deleting past preferences and pairing with the MacBook Pro again will solve this predicament.

Remove Bluetooth Preferences and Reboot


In case you are using a MacBook Pro, iMac, Air, Mac Pro, or any other Mac, this method is best suited for you and this is how to go about it.

1. Delete Bluetooth paired list
2. Close any Bluetooth associated file that may hinder the process
3. Press the combination Command + Shift + G and enter the following address: /Library/Preferences/


4. Give admin permission to delete files named ‘’ and ‘’ if they are present.


5. Reboot the Mac

Navigate to the blue tooth menu function or the system preference page to perform a full resync of the device’s hardware component.
A plist file that has been corrupted may be responsible for the malfunction and this articulated procedure helps resolve it. One is however advised not to directly restart the connection but wait for a short period of time before proceeding. The connection should be established now and if not, alternative methods should remedy the problem.

Resetting SMC on your MacBook Pro

This procedure is only applicable if the above procedure fails. One should not try this without having tried the first procedure. Resetting the system management controller involves a series of processes that involve the resetting of hardware settings as well as the power controls. This restores how certain drivers in your device function, hence restoring their utility. Resetting of the SMC procedure may vary from different models of the Mac but inputting these functions will reboot your Mac as well as the blue tooth device, hence restoring the connectivity.


The above described procedures should be adequate to clear the not available blue tooth error code. If the error still persists, the issue is in the hardware component of your blue tooth device. Although this is not such a common problem, it occasionally arises when the device suffers physical impact or is dropped in water. If this is the case, one is advised to take their MacBook pro blue tooth device to the service center for adjustments.