How To Fix Access Violation at Address Error


Dec 21, 2013
If you have been getting the access violation at address error, it means that the software on your system tried to access a protected memory address. The memory address which is protected should not be accessed by the program you are trying to run, except for the program that is currently using it. So for example, if the memory piece is called “delta” and the program with access to it is called “alpha”; only alpha could access the delta memory address. The access violation at address error will be followed by a series of letters and numbers.

What Does the Access Violation at Address Error Mean?

Unlike a hexadecimal error code, this error code is used to identify the cause of the problem and the fix for the problem. If you have this error loaded up when you restart your computer, you should try running dxdiag on the Run prompt from the Start menu. This will show you the DirectX files. There are three solutions for this problem. If you have DirectX on your computer, the problem may be because it was not properly installed. You should uninstall it from your system and re-download the application file from the Microsoft website.

How Do You Fix the Access Violation at Address Error?

Install the program with a fresh start and see if it has helped. You could also try changing the settings for DirectX by switching between output and input. If your drivers are not the latest Windows Hardware Quality Labs certified drivers, you will need to download the appropriate soundcard for your system. When downloading them, you need to get them from the official site of the soundcard manufacturer. You may also have an issue with the branding of the memory drives, as they are not compatible. You can try third party tracking systems to see where the exact problem is coming from. has a good system to track the point of access violation, and it is completely free to use.