How to fix charging issues with the Samsung Galaxy S7


It is inevitable that a few out of the millions of handsets sold will have problems. That doesn’t make it any easier if you’re one of those few though. One issue that I have suffered from with mine was slow charging. So if you want to know how to fix charging issues with the Samsung Galaxy S7, here’s what worked for me.

Galaxy S7 slow charging
Slow charging is a problem that Android Marshmallow users have come up against for years. Fortunately, it’s something that is quick to verify and simple to overcome. Here’s how.

First verify that it isn’t your wall charger or USB cable by using either a different cable or by charging a different device. Then check that background apps aren’t using all the battery while it’s charging by:

Hold the Home button until the Recently used apps screen appears.
Select End all applications.
Select the RAM option at the top of the screen to clear the memory.
• Check to see if charging is going any faster.

Galaxy S7 won’t turn on after charging
A few users, including myself have experienced an issue where the S7 won’t turn back on after a charge. Fortunately, clearing the cache partition fixed it for me. Here’s how to do it.

1. Power off your phone. Then hold the power and volume buttons to access the Fastboot menu.
2. Select Recovery using the volume buttons and use the power button to select it.
3. Release the power button but continue holding volume up and home until the Android logo appears. You should now see the recovery menu.
4. Select Wipe cache partition with volume down and select using the power button.

Wiping the cache partition worked for me and once rebooted I was able to operate the phone as normal. Charging returned to normal too and has worked properly ever since. Hope it works for you too!
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