How to Fix the ‘Cannot Connect to Roku’ Error

Roku is a brand of media players which stream over-the-top content through its channels. As with any technology, problems can occur. A common one is a message saying, ‘Cannot Connect to Roku’. If this happens to you, follow these steps to fix the issue.

Step 1-
Check Your ‘Network Connection’

Make sure your internet connection is working. Go to ‘Settings’, then choose ‘Network’, and finally ‘Check Connection’. A two-part test will be initiated that will thoroughly check whether your connection is working.


Step 2-
Set Up Your Roku Device

If your Roku device is not connected to internet, you will have to set it up so the device can function.

Step 3-
Enter the ‘Correct Name’ of Your ‘Wireless Network’

Check whether you have used the correct wireless name while connecting to the internet. If you have tried to connect using the wrong connection, your Roku will not work.

Step 4-
Make Sure You are Entering the ‘Right Password’

A connection problem can be as simple as making a mistake while entering the 'Password'. Be careful when you input the digits, and check whether you have left caps lock on or off.

Step 5-
Check Your ‘Router’

Check your router. See if other devices can connect successfully through it. If not, try unplugging the wires, then plugging them in again. ‘Restart’ the router to see if this solves the issue.

Step 6-
‘Restart’ Both ‘Your Roku and Router’

This is the last attempt. ‘Restart’ the ‘Roku’ device and the ‘Router’, and see if the problem is resolved. If there is still a connection issue, you may have to contact the company or take the devices to a hardware expert.

These Steps should fix any minor connection issues.
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