How To Fix Wireless Issues On Sony Vaio Laptops


One of the biggest issues plaguing Sony Vaio laptop users is the fact that they have trouble with their wireless connectivity. A lot have stated that they don’t have proper signal strength, signal drops intermittently, the speeds are appalling in spite of sitting feet’s away from their hotspot source. This tutorial will show you how to fix wireless issues on your Sony Vaio laptop.

1. Rule out the hotspot to be the issue by connecting other devices to the hotspot and monitoring their behavior.

2. If you’re the owner of the wireless router, make sure you’re on the latest firmware.

3. Check if your wireless router encryption method is set to WPS-PSK (AES). If it’s on WEP or WPS-PSK(TSK) change it to WPS-PSK(AES).

4. Since we’re touching on the wireless source, make sure you router’s wireless channels aren’t the limiting factor in your limited wireless connectivity. Set the wireless channel for your router to either 6 or 11. You can try and experiment with the channels on your router in order to find a combination that works with your Sony Vaio.

5. Make sure you’re on the latest BIOS update specific to your laptop’s SKU.

6. Make sure you’re on the latest drivers for your chipset (and/or management engine interface, if on Intel platform).

7. Make sure you’re on the latest drivers for your wireless adapter. If you’re unsure of which drivers to source when faced with drivers for multiple makes and models use Device Manager to source the make and model of your wireless adapter. Hit Windows Key + Pause Break and on the left hand pane you should see Device Manger. Expand on Network Adapters and you should see a wireless adapter listed. If for some reason you see it as unidentified, right click on the device>Properties>Details>Hardware Ids.

8. If your Sony Vaio has a dedicated button (either a button or accessing it via FN key) disable your wireless adapter and enable it.

9. If you have no need for Bluetooth, see if disabling Bluetooth functionality/radio on your wireless adapter improves the reception of your Wi-Fi.

10. You can tweak the Intel based adapter. If you’re working with an Intel 7260 wireless adapter, go to Device Manager>Network Adapters>Inter Wireless-N 7260>right click>Properties>Advanced tab
Here select the 802.11n channel width for the 2.4Ghz band and change from 20MHz to 20MHz/40MHz or 40MHz or Auto.

11. Click on OK.

12. Reboot your laptop for settings to take effect.

13. If that doesn’t help, within your wireless devices advanced settings. Device Manager>Network Adapters>compatible wireless adapter>right click>Properties>Advanced tab, set the power profile from Minimum Power Consumption to Disabled.

Likewise you can try and Uncheck "allow computer to turn off this device to save power" from within the power management tab.

This setting might also be found in energy efficiency on some wireless adapters.

14. Click on OK.

15. Reboot your laptop for settings to take effect.

16. Out of the box, Sony Vaio’s have been known to have stowaway in the form of bloatware. In this step, you’re advised to back up your critical files and folders and reinstall your OS after recreating your bootable installer.

Hopefully you’ve now resolved the issue with your wireless connectivity on your Sony Vaio laptop.
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