How to Format a Laptop

When you purchase a laptop the manufacturer will do one of two things depending on their preference. They will include recovery software in the form of a cd or dvd, or they will load the recovery software onto a hidden partition on the hard drive.
If during your ownership of the laptop you have a reason to format the drive then you will want to determine first what it is that you have for the recovery option.before starting any format.

Option 1 Recovery disc is included.

Step one,
Go to the support web page of the laptop that you have and download any updated drivers and download them onto a USB stick, unzipping them if necessary.

Step two.
From the owners manual find out what keyboard key you need to press while booting to enter the bios and write that down.

Step three.
Any files , programs or photos that you may want to keep should be burned onto a CD / DVD or USB, since formatting will make all files on the drive unusable.

Step four.
Place the recovery disc in the tray and start the computer , you then push the key required to enter the bios and you navigate to the boot section where you can choose the boot sequence. You select the DVD drive as the first boot option and then save and restart. The "press any key to boot from CD" will come up and follow that instruction so the CD will take over the process.
When asked if you want to format the partition you select yes and continue to follow the prompts and if there is an option to use a file system make sure you select NTFS.

Step five.
Once the format is finished it will ask if you want to restart and you say yes , when the laptop restarts and you get that same "press any key" option you will have to decide at that point if you want to continue with the recovery CD and load the copy of Windows or remove that CD and use a newer version of Windows if you have bought one. However at this point your hard drive is formatted.

Option 2.
This second option comes into play when your recovery software is loaded onto the hard drive in the hidden partition. The best way to go about using this software is to consult the support web page of the laptop brand that you have to get instructions on how to access the partition and use the format and recovery options in there. Each manufacturer will have a different way and different options so consulting their support site is the best way to go about it.
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