How to format your Memorycard which is no longer formatable or not working and cant be formated by general methods

Hy friends here i will describe about how to format your memorycard completely using "diskpart" kind of windows utility software in windows environment

First of all why a memory card gets corrupted and stop working, its may be due to having bad sector files, or sometimes due to uncomplete formating means not formated properly.

If this happens the general idea comes to everyone is
Memory card can no longer be used
,the same thing i have experienced many times at that time i was totally out of my mind what to do, then one of my friend sugessted me this process and it really worked, now i am going to share it with all of you ,so it can be of help
Now lets get straight to topic:

You will gonna need an windows operating system installed on pc, or laptop
now turn it on, and click on the start menu then type cmd in the run dialog box and click ok as shown below

then the command prompt will open in the command window type diskpartas follows
then press enter key

From here the real work starts,you have to type list diskas follows
then press enter key
you can type list disk it will do, the reason is to list out all the disks those are curently attached to your pc including the hard disk and removable disk

here your disk will be also listed ,search for your disk, to do this search under free or size

if your disk is of 8GB it wil be listed as 8x1024=8192MB and like wise

now type
select disk 1 here the number one refers to your disk number you have to type your volume no. means if your volume is listed as Disk 2 then type select disk 2 and likewise now press enter key

The screen will look like the picture

Type clean,press enter key ,it is used for cleaning or erasing the data from memorycard

If it suceeded in cleaning then a message disk part succeeded in cleaning same as the above pic will show on screen

Now type create partition primary press enter key
it means your memorycard's memory partition will become a primary partition

After it completed now the turn is to format your memorycard
For this you have to typeformat fs=fat32 here format fs= is syntax , and the fat32 is the memory type , if you want to format as ntfs then type format fs=ntfs after typing press enter key

Now the last and final step

Typeassign,used for assigning a letter to disk ,or creating mounting point

when it shows successfully asiigned drive letter or mount point, typeexit or just click on close button

Congrats just after a few seconds a window will pop up like when you attach a new disk or pendrive have fun with your memory card
Here my advice to you is Never remove your the device you want to format during this process
You can also use this process to create a bootable device ,means to create a operating system installation disk,on removable devices like pendrive