How to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy tablet


If your mobile device is running slow, crashing, not being responsive or generally playing up, it is occasionally necessary to resort to a hard reset to get it working properly again. A hard reset is different from a forced reboot as it essentially factory resets the device and wipes all your data from it. If you really need to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy tablet, here’s how.

Remember, a hard reset will wipe all your data so back everything up that you want to keep before performing these steps!

Hard reset your Samsung Galaxy tablet from the menu
If you’re able to use your Samsung Galaxy tablet, you can initiate a factory reset from the settings menu.

1. Navigate to Settings, then Backup and reset.
2. Select Factory data reset and then confirm device reset.
3. Wait for the procedure to complete.

If you your Samsung Galaxy tablet isn’t working properly and you cannot access menus or control the tablet, you can perform a hard reset from the recovery menu.

Hard reset from the recovery menu
1. Power off your Samsung Galaxy tablet.
2. Press the power and volume up buttons and hold them until the Galaxy logo appears on screen.
3. Use the volume button to navigate the recovery menu and the power button to select.
4. Select Wipe data / factory reset.
5. Select Yes – delete all data on the next screen.
6. Select reboot once complete.

Your tablet should now reboot into default settings and be as fresh as the day you bought it!
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