How to Limit Ad Tracking in Apple TV

All Apple devices come with ad tracking enabled. This means that advertisers will be able to track your app usage, online movements, and other activity, all so that they can offer targeted in-app advertisements for products, apps, and services you might appreciate. It’s common knowledge that ad tracking is used on the iPhone or iPad these days, but Apple users don’t always realize that it’s also active on their Apple TV units. The steps laid out below will allow you to limit the tracking quickly and easily.

Step 1
Go to the menu for your Apple TV box, and select “Settings.”

Step 2
Select the “iTunes Store” option from the Settings menu. The new menu will include options for inputting Apple IDs, changing location settings, altering video resolution, and more.

Step 3
Select the “Ad Tracking” option from the iTunes Store menu. It will be located near the bottom of the list. Doing this will take you to a new page, with only a few options on it.

Step 4
Choose the top option, “Limit Ad Tracking.” If the function is turned off, turn it on. Then move your cursor down to the next option, “Reset Advertising Identifier,” and select it. The first action will make it so that you can’t be tracked for ads in the future; the second will assign your Apple TV with a new advertising identifier, so that no ads use old tracking information to target you.

Remember that the above steps will not eliminate all advertisements from the apps on your Apple TV. Instead, they will simply make it so that the ads you receive are not targeted directly toward you—a sign that you are no longer being tracked in a way that infringes upon your privacy.