How to Link Your Alexa Device to Fire TV


Amazon’s Alexa and Fire TV are two of the most sought-after digital media devices in the market. Alexa provide you with an amazing smart speaker experience with rich sound, while Fire TV takes your Television experience to the next level.
While we were already fascinated by their individual exclusive features, we’re here to surprise you further. You can now use Alexa and Fire TV together, and enjoy the incredible experience of both Amazon smart devices. Here’s how two link your Alexa device with Fire TV.

How to Link Amazon Alexa with Fire TV?
Step 1
Open the Amazon Alexa app on your device, and look for the menu button, which is represented by three horizontal lines.

Step 2
In the menu sidebar, select the option - Music, Video, & Books.

Step 3
In the video section, select the option 'Fire TV'.

Step 4
On the next screen, select the 'Link Your Alexa Device' option.

Step 5
Now, from the list of available Fire TV devices, select the one you want to link with Alexa. The devices are given along a radio button, so only one can be selected at a time. Then, select ‘Continue’.

Step 6
Next, a list of Alexa-enabled available devices will be shown. The devices will be displayed along check boxes, therefore multiple can be selected at one time. Click on 'LINK DEVICES', and you’re good to go.

Your Amazon Alexa and Fire TV should now be successfully linked.