How To Make Your Pokemon Stronger In Pokemon Go

Have you caught a rare pokemon that is showing as pretty lackluster when it comes to CP? Fear not! You can boost any pokemon's CP by powering it up in game, and here's how.

Step 1)Collect candies and stardust.
If it's a very low CP pokemon, and thus very low in level, you are going to need to get a lot of candies specific for that type of pokemon as well as a lot of stardust to go along with it to fully level it up. Check out my guide on how to earn the most candies for each pokemon caught here, and my guide on where you can earn stardust here.


Step 2)Check the IV of the pokemon before you level it up.
If you are going to be leveling up a pokemon, then it is best to check to make sure it is going to actually be worth leveling up in the first place. Check out my guide here to learn all about a pokemon's hidden stats, or IV, before you go ahead and use a bunch of resources on a pokemon that may be pretty lackluster for it's type. If you've been collecting candies for it then you should have a few to choose from when it comes to leveling them up.


Step 3)Power up the best of the best.
Once you've found the pokemon with the highest IV you can find right now, go ahead and go to the pokemon roster screen, find the pokemon in question, and tap on it. That will bring up a menu showing more about the pokemon, where one of the options is to power it up. Keep selecting this option to keep powering the pokemon up as high as you can. Keep in mind, fully powering up a pokemon from low levels to max can take more than a quarter million stardust, and the cost in candies will increase the higher level the pokemon becomes as well, so this can be very expensive. Sometimes it's better to wait and catch a pokemon that is already a high level, but it's a good option if you manage to find a pokemon with a perfect 100% IV score. Also, you can only level up a pokemon as high as your own trainer level.


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