How to Manage Extensions in Opera

Opera allows users to install extensions that add new features and functions that don’t come with the bare-bones browser. Use the steps below to manage your Opera extensions.

Step 1
On your computer, launch the Opera browser and type into your navigation bar. This link will take you to the Opera extensions catalog, where you can download a range of different add-ons for your browser. Go through the catalog and choose a few extensions to install.

Step 2
Once you have installed your Opera extensions, you can get to actually managing them. In the Opera menu, select “Extensions,” then click “Manage Extensions.” This action will open a new menu where you can view your extensions and make changes to them.

Step 3
If there is an extension you want to enable, disable, or uninstall, just find it from the link of add-ons in the Manage Extensions menu. Once you’ve found the extension you are looking at it, click on it and select your preferred action.

Step 4
You can also change the settings for different extensions. Again, simply find the extension in the Manage menu, and then click the “Settings” button on the right. Different add-ons, of course, will have different preferences that you can edit.

Extensions can add a lot of new potential to your Opera browser. Use the above tips to keep track of your extensions and manage them.

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