How to move the pictures folder to the SD card on the Samsung Galaxy S7


The microSD card slot made a welcome return in the Galaxy S7 and we are all much happier for it. While 32GB is a lot of storage, even the average user can burn through it quite quickly, especially if you take a lot of photos. If your images are taking up too much space, it’s simple to move the pictures folder to the SD card on the Samsung Galaxy S7. Here’s how.

When you first insert the SD card and open the camera for the first time you should be prompted to select where you want to store your images. Selecting SD card here means you will always store videos and images to the card. The only exception is burst shots as the SD card simply isn’t fast enough to keep up. If you didn’t select the option in the beginning, you can always do it now.

Set camera to save to SD card

First let’s set the camera to automatically save images to the SD card.
1. Open the camera app and select the gear icon in the top left of the screen.
2. Select Storage Location.
3. Select SD card.

Move the images folder to the SD card
You can easily move folders using the Android file manager.

1. Navigate to Settings and select Storage & USB.
2. Scroll to the bottom and select Explore.
3. You are now using the file manager.
4. Move or copy the pictures folder from storage to SD card from here by selecting the menu button and selecting ‘Copy to’.

Move images to the SD card on the S7
1. Navigate to Apps, Samsung then My Files.
2. Select Images from the file type and then select More.
3. Select Edit and then individual files, all files or the folder.
4. Select Move, then SD card.

You can also transfer image files between internal memory and your SD card from within the image gallery.

1. Navigate to Gallery then Albums.
2. Tap individual images or hold down to select multiple images.
3. Select More, then copy or move.
4. Select the folder with the SD card icon.
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