How to Mute Someone on Twitter

If you are tired of seeing a particular person’s tweets on your timeline, Twitter offers the option to “mute” that persons account so that they no longer appear. This way you don’t necessarily have to block a person or unfollow them to stop seeing their tweets.
With this method, the user will not know that they are muted. The steps listed below are how to mute a user from your computer.

Step 1: Click on the users tweet
Step 2: Click more at the bottom of the tweet.
Step 3: You will see “mute” as an option. Click “mute.”
Step 4: You can also go to the Twitter users profile and click the gear icon.
Step 5: Click “mute”
Step 6: To confirm that the user is muted, you will see a mute icon on the users profile.

Muting from your phone:

Step 1: From the tweet of the user you wish to mute, click on the three consecutive dots
Step 2: Click “mute” to confirm.

Recap: Muting is not the same as unfollowing or blocking. You have the option of changing this setting later on if you decide that you want to see the users posts on your timeline once again. The muted user does not need to be permanently muted if you wish to change the setting later on by clicking the mute icon on the users profile.