How to Optimize Facebook Timeline Header Using an Android Smartphone

Facebook's timeline header, which is sometimes also referred to as the Cover Picture, has a specific pixel size. If an image does not match the exact pixel size that is recommended for the cover pictures, the picture may not fit and the entire header would look inappropriate.

Any image that you want to use as Facebook timeline header must be 851px in width and 315px in height (851 x 315).

Although there are many pre-built Facebook headers available online, if you know how to use an image editing application like Adobe Photoshop, you can create your own Facebook header of the correct size, and can add the images and/or text of your choice to it.

Once you have successfully created or obtained the image of the exact size, here is how you can use the picture as the header of your Facebook profile:

    ■Turn on your Android smartphone.
    ■Tap the Menu icon to display the apps list.

    ■Locate and tap the Facebook app icon to launch the app.

    ■If you are not already logged-in, provide required credentials in the appropriate fields and tap the Log In button.

    ■On the News Feed interface, tap the More icon (icon with the three horizontal lines) at the top-right corner.

    ■Once this is done, on the More window, tap your username to go to your timeline. (E.g. Jacob Moore in this demonstration).

    ■On the timeline interface, tap the Pencil icon at the bottom-right corner of the cover photo (header).

    ■Tap the Upload Photo option from the pop up box, to upload a new picture from your phone gallery. Alternatively, from the opened pop up box, tap the Choose from Photos option, if you want to select a previously uploaded photo from your Facebook account.

    ■Assuming that you chose Upload Photo option, on the opened gallery (Camera Roll window in this demonstration), tap to select the desired picture.


10. Once you have selected the picture, tap the USE button from the top-right corner.

11. On the Drag to adjust interface, drag the image to set it accordingly.
12. Finally, tap the Save button at the top-right corner of the interface to save your header (cover photo).