How To Recalibrate and Reconnect your Oculus Rift Controller

How To Re-calibrate and Reconnect your Oculus Rift Controller

Your possibilities to move properly while playing VR games is of great importance to you. Well, to do that you will need to work carefully on adjusting your sensor because it is going to be responsible for tracking and matching your movements In VR environment. This is why calibrating your headset should be done properly. When you make the setup for your Rift you will calibrate the tracking system for the headset. These are the steps you should do to re-calibrate your Oculus Rift:

1. Hardware configuration
· Disconnect all the Oculus Rift cables from your computer
· Plug them back in again


2. Software setup
1. The start point for you will be Oculus Home on your PC. Select the drop down menu
2. Next Settings.
3. Then on the left side click on Devices.
4. There is a drop down menu labeled Configure Rift, select it
5. Now choose Rerun Setup
6. The setup and the calibration for your Rift should be done in the orientation that is most preferable for you.
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