How to Recalibrate your HTC Vive Motion Tracking Boxes

How to Recalibrate your HTC Vive Motion Tracking Boxes

The HTC VIVE Motion Tracking Boxes, also called Base Stations, are a very important part of your whole VR experience. The following tutorial is the best and easiest way to adjust them. These are the steps you should take to calibrate your Motion Tracking Boxes.


After choosing your play area you should also find the proper way to place your boxes.
• Base stations should be mounted on your wall, the required height is 2 meters ( 6 ½ feet) and they should be in opposite corners for best tracking.
• Secure the base stations on the mounted positions, screw them just enough to be stable and oriented.
• The recommendations is to mount them on the wall because of the impact vibrations have on the tracking, but if you don't have the conditions for placing them on wall you still have other ways to manage this. You can for example attach them to some of your bookshelves.
• After securing them well, angle the base stations 35-40 degrees down. The base stations should point to your play area. Make sure the base stations can have clear field of view on each other.


• It's very important to have a power outlet near the base stations. Connect the power cables to the stations, then plug the power adapters.They will automatically turn on and if everything is ok, and the stations can see each other their status light will be green. If the light is purplish-blue than you will need to change the position of the boxes or use the sync cable.
• Don't forget to remove the protective films.
• When the headset goes to sleep the base stations go too.
• The base stations will show two letters on their screens b and c. If they are placed where they can't see each other and the status color is purple, then connect them with the sync cable and set the base station labeled c to a by pressing the channel button located on the back of the base station.