How to Report Abuse on Facebook

Whether you are scanning through your friends' updates or belong to a group or page, the updates you see should be civil. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. If you see abusive or offensive content on Facebook, there are steps to take to report it.

When you report a Facebook member for abusive comments or posts, the Facebook administration team reviews your report and checks the user’s profile. The Facebook team may take appropriate action against the person, and of course, the comment or post for which the target Facebook user was reported may be removed from the community page/group permanently.

Here is how you can report an abusive Facebook community member or commenter:

    ■Sign in to your Facebook account by providing the login credentials in the appropriate fields and clicking the Log In button.
    ■On the homepage, locate and hover the mouse to the abusive comment that the user posted.
    ■Click the Cross sign that appears on the top-right to hide the comment.

    ■Under This comment has been hidden, from the available options click Report.

    ■Once the Help Us Understand the Problem box opens up, click to select the appropriate radio button.
    ■Click Continue to go to the next interface.

    ■On the opened box, click to select the desired radio button that represents the reason for the report. (Spam or Scam in this demonstration.)
    ■Click Continue to report the commentator of the community.

    ■Once done, in the Thanks box, click Done to close the window.