How to Report Text Message Spam to Sprint

Spam text messages are created and sent to large numbers of cell phones in order to sell a product, gather personal information, or send viruses or malware to a large number of people at one time. These messages usually have a link embedded in them and come from an unknown number. Sometimes they come from numbers with your area code to try and fool you so you’ll click the links. All wireless carriers have at least one way for subscribers to report spam text messages, so if you are a Sprint customer and believe you have received a spam text, just follow these simple steps to report it to Sprint.

1. Caution- If you receive a text message with links in it from a number you don’t know, DO NOT open the link, reply to it, or provide any personal information.

2. Reporting- Most carriers participate in the SPAM program, which helps identify spammers and put a stop to them. If you receive a spam message, forward the message to 7726.

3. Confirmation- Sprint will text you confirming they received the forwarded spam. The reply will also provide instructions on where and how to send the phone number the text came from. Follow the instructions to send the originating phone number of the spammer. From there, Sprint will investigate the matter and attempt to put a stop to the persons responsible.