How To Reset Supervisor Password On IBM Thinkpad


Passwords protect our prized possessions from unwanted folks. You can have a password for pretty much everything and anything. On a laptop you can have a password to prevent folks from entering your account, files and folder or even to bar people from entering into BIOS and tampering with your innards. This tutorial will show you how to reset the supervisor password on your IBM Thinkpad.

N.B: You will need to have the supervisor password at hand in order to continue with the tutorial. If you need to retrieve/remove the supervisor password after you’ve forgotten it, you will need to provide proof of your purchase to Lenovo and they will initiate the necessary procedures.

1. Power up your IBM Thinkpad.

2. Tap and hold the F1 key while powering up your laptop.

3. Enter the current supervisor password and then press Enter.

4. Go to the Security tab in your BIOS.

5. Select Password and then Supervisor.

6. Enter the current supervisor password when you see the new pop up window and then press spacebar.

7. Press Enter when you see a pop up window. This window is asking for the new password.

8. Press Enter again when facing a verification screen.

You should now be able to enter into BIOS without the need for a supervisor password.