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  1. Paul Wagenseil

    100 Million Quora Accounts Hacked: What to Do

    Question-and-answer website Quora was hit by hackers who stole data of up to 100 million users, the company said. 100 Million Quora Accounts Hacked: What to Do : Read more
  2. R

    Reset tablet password

    Need to reset password but my tablet won't power down to do a hard reset.
  3. M

    need too know how to reset password no phone

    how to get a code gen-tor for a new phone to get into facebook new phone no
  4. E

    how do i sign on to dell inspiron 15 3000 if i forgot my password? it will not allow me to create a password reset disk

    How do I sign on to my Dell Inspiron 15 3000, if I forgot my password? It will not allow me to create a reset password disk. It keeps showing the screensaver with sign in to password box. I do not remember my password even with the hint, unfortunately I did not write down password. I'm a...
  5. D

    I can only remember my old password.

    I have forgot my currant password,only remember my old my mobile is no longer working, and i cant request to reset password as I've lost my email,password,as it was all in my mobile.plz help its driving me crazy, thank you xx
  6. S

    Please help me how to reset password without using mobile number

    number has lost and i have open an account from these number but i had forgot the password of my account number whivh i have open from these number . Can you help me how can i open this acount without password
  7. M

    locked out of fb

    fb keeps rejecting my password and recovery phone number. Having same problem with my emails.
  8. N

    Solved! I want to change my password but I can't find anything to press to change it

    I really want to change my password but I can't find anything that gives me the option to change it. I don't know if it because my tablet is broken or something but I always have had the option to do so like on a phone or something. Please help if you know what to do.
  9. S

    Help us to confirm you own this account INSTAGRAM

    Hello, so.. Someone was able to get into this instagram account, and added this phone number. I was able to change the password and [CENSORED] before they could secure it. But now, upon logging in, I am greeted with this message. I have linked my INSTAGRAM with facebook and email when I reset...
  10. Lutfij

    How To Reset Supervisor Password On IBM Thinkpad

    Passwords protect our prized possessions from unwanted folks. You can have a password for pretty much everything and anything. On a laptop you can have a password to prevent folks from entering your account, files and folder or even to bar people from entering into BIOS and tampering with your...
  11. D

    Iphone 7 Icloud Unlock

    Hello Can anyone help me with any tutorial for Icloud unlocking. My Iphone is locked (not stolen) and i cant remember the reset password
  12. M

    Huawei P9 Lite-forgot password, how to unlock safe file

    Keyed in correct security prompt repeatedly but rejected each time, that it is in error - how else can I unlock or reset password?
  13. D

    Reset password rca cambio notebook

    forgot password and need to reset it
  14. A

    Problem in login instagram

    I can't login into my instagram account i dont know why When ever i am trying to do so a error message come saying "" SORRY THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR REQUEST "" I searched on web they said your divice ip address is banned and said to login with other divices i tried doing so from my mom...
  15. S

    My Samsung Galaxy Prime+ wont save things to my SD card at all

    My Samsung Galaxy Prime+ wont save things to my SD card at all, my software version is 6.0.1, obviously because the manufacturer set it this way. Is there a way to remove manufacturer settings? my device just isn't working properly and because it complains of no space, apps shut down, i cant...
  16. G

    Reset windows password on pendo pad 7

    I have a pendo pad 7 and I bought it brand new then I callibrated my touch screen and now it’s not responsive so how do I reset password with a USB or something pls
  17. N

    How to reset password acer arise one with Windows 7

    Forgot password acer arise one
  18. S

    msi 100 reset password

    How to reset password for msi 100 laptop
  19. S

    How to reset password on zte zmaxx champ

    My screen is shattered and a letter in my password won't work
  20. D

    Hacked and a user was added but I can't delete it! Help!

    Hi everyone. I was hacked about a month ago and someone remotely stole my pictures. Not a big deal though because they can't really do anything with them but look at them. Anyway, they added a user account remotely that had the same name as my normal one, but I could tell the difference between...
  21. Paul Wagenseil

    Oops! Yahoo Says 3 Billion Accounts Hacked, Not 1 Billion

    Verizon said that Yahoo's 2013 data breach involved not 1 billion user accounts, but 3 billion -- every single Yahoo account at the time. Oops! Yahoo Says 3 Billion Accounts Hacked, Not 1 Billion : Read more
  22. M

    Forgot password on my Acer aspire how do I reset it

    How do I reset password without flash drive
  23. G

    It says incorrect password....can't sign into Facebook, e-mail.... How can this be fixed

    When I try to sign in on my email, Facebook it says my password is incorrect. I have tried to reset password but when I type in 6 digit code they sent it still won't let me reset it! Same results as before!?? HELP!!
  24. D

    How to reset myspace account password if their reset password email never arrives to my hotmail account?

    I've been hearing that it would be prudent to delete someone's old myspace account due to lack of security at that service. So I went to myspace dot com and requested their password reset to my email. It said that the email was sent to me and suggested to check my spam folder. I did ... but...
  25. J

    i forgot my password how can i unlockit

    i forgot my password how do i unlock it
  26. kep55

    Office365 borked Office 2013 access

    After getting licenses for Office365 thru our IT vendor over a year ago, we finally decided to use one feature not in Office 2013. We created temp passwords for everyone with the requirement they reset their passwords on first use. Well, some genius at Microsoft decided to include the...
  27. N

    Reset bio password

    Need to reset password for x205T
  28. G

    Go Pro reset

    Hello there, I recently bought a gopro hero 5 second hand and I'm not sure if the reset will disable all the tracking things and the devices connected to it. I'm not comfortable using it until I know it is private. Can anyone help me?
  29. L

    I have a password before it loads windows son changed don't remember help

    need to unlock my laptop so thought looking anything
  30. B

    I cannot sign in to notebook and reset password does not work

    I have a brand new notebook and password will not allow reset.
  31. M

    HP 655 BIOS key unlock

    code: 53787552 i can't go into bios Does somebody know what my password is?
  32. B

    Reset my Acer Aspire One d255 Laptop to factory settings

    will resetting my Aspire One d255 Laptop the factory settings as if I just bought it I locked myself out and I don't have reset disk or means to download this software to reset it don't know what else to do
  33. D

    Locked Out of My Windows User

    Recently my ACER laptop stopped working completely so I sent it to them for repair. About a month goes by and I have it again. The only problem is that at the lock screen it asks me for a password, which is strange since I had a PIN that I disabled months ago and was never asked to input again...
  34. G

    Win7 password reset using Win10?

    My laptop was a work laptop which is not used now. It is in a domain and I don't know the admin password. I dual booted Win10 and Win7 and it was working fine until yesterday. After getting to the 'Choose Your OS' of Win10 and after selecting Win7. 7 boots up and when i login it says Service...
  35. N

    Can't reset password

    I have an Acer E15 laptop. I can't remember my password and can't reset because I never received a reset disc to put it on. I tried putting it on and holding down the Escape button and then I did the same thing by holding down the F1 button. Nothing! I don't know what to do! It's a brand new...
  36. B

    What if I can't remember my password

    When I turn on the computer I can't do anything without my password and I can't remember it
  37. E

    bios password on my toshiba laptop

    how to reset my bios password on my Toshiba laptop
  38. J

    Reset password without disc

    HP g series with Windows 7 can't log on need to change password is it possible
  39. B

    Locked out of s6 getting frustrated

    Galaxy s6 reactivaction lock gmail account that is linked to phone is delated and cant be accessed to reset password locked out please help
  40. L

    reset password unknown

    My son gave me a toshiba satelite, he does not remember setting a password. the day we picked it up he just hit the button and it turned on. now it wants a password. Is there a way to get by that.
  41. J

    Forgot password on dell laptop , Need to create a reset password cd for free But where

    Forgot password on dell laptop , Need to create a reset password cd for free But where Tried removing battery with no luck when I put it back in , its says Email and or password failed
  42. K

    asus rescue password 2016/06/19

    Does anyone know the bios rescue password from 2016/06/19. Please help me
  43. S

    I lost my laptop while on the street.

    I use a scooter and had it on the bottom. I didn't hear it fall off and since it was old/I had backup/just personal things on it/more up-to-date laptop at home it was kind of an "Oh well." I just made a mental note to take care of my stuff. I did retrace my steps twice trying to find it. I lost...
  44. A

    acer aspire one 722 notebook

    how do i bypass a password or do a system reset on an Acer Aspire One 722 notebook?
  45. I

    how to factory reset Toshiba satellite windows 8

    pressing the zero while powering doesnt work. no beeping , warning screen or anything. goes straight to password screen. and I forgot my password.
  46. L

    reset mobile password

    How to reset mobile password
  47. N

    Factory reset HP Laptop GLT4010u

    Need help with this. I'm locked out and need to factory reset.
  48. Andrei-Florin Gogan

    Toshiba Satellite C660 clearing CMOS

    Hello guys, I want to clear the CMOS on a Toshiba C660, Do I have to use copper wires to reset it from the motherboard or simple metal tweezers are enough? I'm a bit lazy to open it all and take out the battery since the CMOS is right under the RAM sticks and very easy to access. Thanks a lot
  49. N

    My password no longer works

    My computer was set up with an administrator and the password no longer works so I can't down load anything because it asks for my passwork
  50. M

    im a bonehead

    I have forgotten the password for my acer insirion 5200 wnd i dont have disks. Is there away around this?
  51. J

    Surface Pro 3 Reset password

    Hello, We have Surface Pro 3 and for some reason password stopped working. Few days ago my password is not accepted by Surface Pro 3 for my local account. Tried typing with different keyboard layouts I have. Tried different Surface Pro keyboards and onscreen keyboard too. Password reset disk is...
  52. M

    how to reset bios password in dell inspirion

    pls help me to remove my bios password for dell inspirion n5010 while travelling system as been locked so please help me its urgent requirement for me thx in advance
  53. C

    acronis password for acer aspire one

    Does anyone know the factory reset password for aspire one
  54. A

    DELL VOSTRO 1015 and I have a secret bios password

    Hello.DELL VOSTRO 1015 and I have a secret bios password.Please Help me Service Tag: 51L1D Express Service Code: 10979714125
  55. R

    HDD Password Removal

    i have an Asus Q500a and for some reason it is now asking for me to enter an HDD password (i somehow set the password when wiping and trying to install ubuntu) i just would like to know how to make it not ask for it anymore. in bios it says HDD password installed how do i "uninstall" it. I HAVE...
  56. L

    How to RESET password on my Acer laptop?

    hello, i have an Acer Aspire laptop i bought in 2010 and just booted it up to realize i don't remember the password. NO, i did not create a password recovery disc. How do i get into this thing? HELP!
  57. S

    reset password toshiba laptop

    Reset toshiba satellite laptop l655 5072
  58. T

    how to reset password on mid 2014 macbook air

    Help! My MacBook air has locked me out. For some reason my password no longer works.
  59. S

    It tells me email verification failed

    When I type in my email my pic pops up and same for my phone number but when I go to reset password it doesn't send to my email or it says i need to be logged in and i am. And says email needs to be verified but I get no email and my email is correct