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  1. C

    Question old ibm Thinkpad stuck on boot up with screen showing "0 > 1 "

    im trying to breath life into a really old ibm Thinkpad pentium 2. I think it runs windows NT or Windows 98 it turns on and asks me to enter the year and date then it gets stuck on next screen which shows a large window with an blinking image "0 > 1". but it won't respond to any keystrokes...
  2. R

    IBM Thinkpad Problems

    I have an IBM r40 thinkpad. It had a bad no no so I replaced the motherboard and processor. When I plug it in battery charges. I hit the power button, power on indicator comes on, fan spins for a moment, hard drive spins, and nothing happens. I tried changing ram.
  3. A

    Solved! When i open My T43 laptop it just open but not starting up.

    When i open My T43 laptop it just open but not starting up. The screen just open with IBM THINKPAD then stuck with that.. What will I do?
  4. asem1123

    Solved! Can an IBM Thinkpad (Lenovo X60s) Upgrade to Windows 8.1?

    I have an IBM Thinkpad that comes in with the Intel Core 2 Duo 1.66GHz and a 100GB Hitachi HDD. And because it's running very slow in Win7, I was wondering if I could upgrade to Windows 8.1, but using the 32-bit edition, and I'm not upgrading it to Windows 10 because it only has 2GB RAM. So, is...
  5. E

    I have a IBM ThinkPad 390E... how much is it worth?

    Hi all, I got an IBM ThinkPad 390E from a relative who wanted me to sell it. Funny thing is, no one else on the internet is selling one, and videos lead me to believe the laptop is slightly rare. Question is, how much is it worth?
  6. P

    How do i find model number on my ibm thinkpad

    How do i find model number for my ibm thinkpad trying to restore and really dont no wr to start but im very willing to learn even by trail n etror
  7. Lutfij

    How To Reset Supervisor Password On IBM Thinkpad

    Passwords protect our prized possessions from unwanted folks. You can have a password for pretty much everything and anything. On a laptop you can have a password to prevent folks from entering your account, files and folder or even to bar people from entering into BIOS and tampering with your...
  8. Lutfij

    How To Do An SSD Upgrade On IBM Thinkpad

    SSD can bring back life to an aging laptop since it speeds up boot times and also reduces the time an app takes to open up after that double click. It produces less heat and it also draws less power. This tutorial will show you how to perform an SSD upgrade on an IBM Thinkpad laptop. For the...
  9. Lutfij

    How To Fix A Noisy Fan On IBM Thinkpad

    A noisy fan can be caused by either the fan being clogged up with dirt and debris or that the fan’s bearing may be giving out or that the blade within fans housing has broken and/or brushing up against the housing. This tutorial will show you how to fix a noisy fan on your IBM Thinkpad. 1...
  10. Lutfij

    How To Fix External VGA Port Issues In IBM Thinkpad

    IBM Thinkpad’s have been the cream of the crop when it came to laptops meant for the business world. Some collectors look for them due to their aesthetic appeal while some also look towards their robust built form and construction. In spite of being a durable unit, it over time any laptop will...
  11. Lutfij

    How To Turn On The Dialup Modem On IBM Thinkpad Laptops

    Prior to the very popularity of Lenovo we all knew the company under the name of IBM. We’ve come a long since the early 2000’s where wireless connectivity was merely in its infancy and dial up connections ruled supreme. In this day and age access to wireless connectivity and blazing fast...
  12. A

    Reviving an IBM Thinkpad 770

    Alright, so I recently found a IBM Thinkpad 770 in my parent's closet and I decided I was going to try to bring it back to life. I found a charger for it, and attempted to turn it on, to my surprise, it actually turned on with two beeps. The mobo battery was dead so it asked me to import the...
  13. I

    How much can I sell a fully functional Thinkpad t42 for?

    I have this old IBM Thinkpad T42 and I'm looking to get rid of it for some money. Its pretty old so I'm not expecting much for it. Any ideas?
  14. I

    Linux Lite on Old IBM Thinkpad

    Has anyone ever loaded Linux Lite on an IBM Thinkpad A22m? I have a perfectly serviceable IBM Thinkpad A22m running Win XP and its specs (512 RAM; 1ghz Pentium III processor; 30 GB hd) match Linux Lite requirements. I would appreciate "how to" tips and "lessons learned" from the forum. Also...
  15. W

    How to get Lenovo T420 to turn back on without the battery?

    I used webworkings instructions on how to turn on my T420 ThinkPad to see if it needs a new battery. It does need a new battery, but I then unplugged my laptop and followed the instructions again because it was back to being dead. This time I can't get my laptop to turn on without the battery...
  16. amdgraphics

    Old IBM Thinkpad screen keeps blacking out!

    Hello Tom's Hardware Community! My Dad has an old IBM Thinkpad Laptop running Windows XP. In the past months, the screen would just randomly black out (and stay black). But, while annoying, just closing the computer and waiting for it to go to sleep and opening it back up would make it work...
  17. F

    T430s or T440p in 2017?

    Is the Lenovo T430s a better choice in 2017? Can either work with an eGPU?
  18. B

    IBM ThinkPad X40 2371 Boots up, then turns off.

    I got an IBM ThinkPad X40 2371 off Ebay a couple days ago. The laptop seems to be in good condition, but when I turned it on, it turns off about 2 seconds later. I thought it was the fan, so I cleaned it out. After cleaning, the laptop did the same thing. I removed the battery and plugged the...
  19. bondfan123

    Which Used Thinkpad Should I Buy?

    Hi, Being only a High School student, I managed to pick up a part time job at a cell phone and electronics repair shop. With me being very tech-savy at my age, building, upgrading, and repairing computers, laptops, and phones, this was a nice fit! Currently, I have a custom built gaming PC for...
  20. T

    I purchased an IBM THINKPAD and it's locked, help

    I purchased an IBM THINKPAD R-50. I DIDN'T CHECK IT BEFORE PAYING. ITS LOCKED. IS THERE A WAY TO DO A FACTORY RESET?? <email redacted for your protection>
  21. G

    I'm trying to get my LG K7 phonehered hotspot to my to Mike Windows XP IBM ThinkPad

    I have ThinkPad IBM I have a LG K7 phone. I can't get my ThinkPad to hook up to my LG K7 phone it says my USB my Hotspot is active but my ThinkPad isn't reading it accepting it now I'm a newbie any help would be greatly appreciated it says something about a driver but how do I get a driver on my...
  22. B

    ibm thinkpad is dead!

    Yesterday morning i tried to boot up my IBM thinkpad R51. Sadly, it didn't do anything, i have tried removing the battery and other tricks. I also tried pressing the power button 10 times and held for 30 seconds, after i do that the battery light flashes really fast and clicks! Please help me!!!
  23. J

    IBM Keyboard Types Numbers Not Letters

    IBM Thinkpad. Letters type numbers instead of letters. How do I turn off the Icon in the lid, that looks like a house/arrow with the number 1 in it. [Right next to the CAP Icon]
  24. A

    Battery at 0% works for hours

    I've got old IBM ThinkPad T40 with 9cell battery (72 Wh) Windows XP. It shows full charge capacity 11.5Wh now. From 100% to 0 it takes about 40 minutes and then laptop works another two hours. I tried three full cycles, but capacity is still the same (even little less). In BIOS I haven't found...
  25. E

    Old IBM ThinkPad volume far too low.

    I'm having a weird problem with my hand me down laptop. The sound is virtually nonexistent. The only time I can get any sound out of it is if I plug in my headphones, and turn the volume to 100%. The physical sound buttons seem to do nothing, except while the computer is booting, I can use the...
  26. A

    IBM Thinkpad T43 No Display

    I have an IBM Thinkpad T43 Laptop that suddenly stopped working, there was nothing on screen. After having battery issues, I'm sure it's time for a replacement but the laptop does boot up fine, I guess (relying on the system lights). I have also connected the laptop to another monitor without...
  27. M

    IBM thinkpad 380xd processor upgrade from pentium mmx to pentium II

    I have this old IBM Thinkpad 380xd which is the Pentium MMX model , I want to upgrade this computer to the Pentium II version, I got the Pentium II for it, and plugged it into it, it just beeped at me, which means can't recognize processor, I did some research, and i found out there where 2...
  28. N

    IBM Thinkpad T20 salvation possible?

    Greetings, A few days ago i dug up a old laptop that i completely forgot about, and it worked fine in the past. If i'm aware, it's running Windows XP that i pre-installed, however, after charging it, and starting it, this happens: I have attempted pulling out the battery, press the power button...
  29. M

    IBM Thinkpad R52

    Hello, I have an IBM Thinkpad R52/ Type 1847-38U S/N LV-A7357 05/06. I attempted to turn the computer on and it gives the message: Warning: Your internal hard disk drive may not function correctly on this system. Ensure that your HDD is supported on this system and that the latest HDD...
  30. M

    IBM Thinkpad T40 screen issue

    I have an ibm thinpad t40, i had got it from someone else, it had been sold to me. one day the screen just went out. BUT, recently iv'e opened it and looked at it, cleaned it and the screen came back on, it was working. thn it just went out and I can't get the screen on. I have no idea how the...
  31. razerg

    'Fan error' fix

    My sister has IBM Thinkpad T60 which had 'fan error' problem. Probably means the fan stopped working because i blew the dust out so it couldn't block it. Then i bought a complete heatsink+fan which are working 100% (tested) and it still won't work, the fan won't spin at all. Could it be the...
  32. hanser30

    Lenovo W541 Hackintosh

    Hi guys, so I just got my thinkpad W541 and I want to turn i t into a hackintosh. The reason for this is because i want to be able to use some mac software in my laptop without needing to buy a mac, also, I use Autocad and so far it is way better on PC. I googled a lot but i couldn't find...
  33. P

    ibm thinkpad r51 drivers for windows xp

    I can not find drivers for ibm thinkpad r51 millet to help
  34. T

    best lap top for small biz......

    i own a small staffing agency we use our laptops for pulling resumes off of job boards and a variety of surfing and misc. word processing .. WE need them to be FAST FAST FAST .... i am a huge fan of the IBM thinkpad.... What should i get?
  35. L

    IMB thinkpad screen fuzzy (updated)

    A few days ago while i was using my IBM Thinkpad T41 and i noticed that there were several fuzzy horizontal lines appearing on my screen, those fuzzy lines became more frequent and it made it difficult to read text and one disturbing thing is that these lines on my LCD only appear when the AC is...
  36. E

    IBM Thinkpad R51 reboots when on battery power

    My IBM Thinkpad R51 has a bizarre problem. As long as I keep it plugged in, it's fine. When I unplug it, the battery icon says 2 hours, but the computer runs for a few minutes and then reboots. The reboot shows the IBM Thinkpad screen, then the Windows XP screen but when it tries to boot the...
  37. C

    My Ibm thinkpad won't come on. It's charging fine but when I hit the power button it doesn't come on. Any ideas?

    My ibm think pad will not turn on. I hit the power button and nothing happens. The screen stays black. Any ideas?
  38. L

    how do i unlock my IBM ThinkPad R 51

    when I turn on my IBM ThinkPad are 51 the screen shows a lock and a flashing bar to type in password how can I bypass this
  39. Bluex

    IBM Thinkpad z60m

    Hi, I have a IBM thinkpad z60m. I just bought a power supply and it would not turn on. I tried changing the RAM, the CPU, Hard drive, battery ETC. After about 1 minute it will give out a longer beep and two short. I need help:??: Thanks -Josh
  40. C

    IBM Thinkpad T30 won't boot

    I've got an old IBM Thinkpad T30. It's a Pentium 4 with 1 stick of 512mb ram. When I turn it on all the lights flash green for a couple of seconds apart from the ultrabay light (first in the row). Then only the battery light and the power light stays on (orange and green respectively) but it...
  41. S

    i cant access the internet

    I cant seem to get my IBM thinkpad to give me a list of available networks, it was working the other day, now i seem to have inadvertently changed a setting somewhere. Please help
  42. V

    IBM Thinkpad power problem

    I plug in the power cord and the orange light comes on indicating that the battery is charging, I press the power button it flashes then nothing....any thoughts please
  43. M

    IBM Thinkpad t30 wifi driver for win7

    how can i get IBM Thinkpad t30 wifi driver for win7?
  44. R

    Good fast os for IBM ThinkPad A20m

    I have recently got an IBM ThinkPad A20m Type 2628-1UU. The specs are 128Mb ram, 6Gb hard drive, CD-Rom, Floppy, and a 550 MHz Celeron processor. When I got it, it had windows 98 SE on it. I installed windows xp home on it, but it was too slow so I put windows 2000 pro on it but it is a little...
  45. G

    Ibm Thinkpad fan problem

    Hi I have an Ibm Thinkpad T22 2647 my problem is when it first boots up the fan comes on then after about ten seconds the fan goes off and the laptop overheats I replaced the fan and it still has the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  46. W

    Ibm thinkpad problems start up

    My T24 Has a black screen, the fan is on and it needs a new battery but it is plugged in. so what could be the problem? Is it really better to buy a new one then waste the money as some have said? What do you think?
  47. I

    Help with Drivers

    I'm trying to get the drivers installed on an IBM Thinkpad T42-2374. Must say, outta all the computers I have installed drivers on, this one takes the cake. All the drivers on google, lenovo's website, driver genius, and driver magician have failed to work. So far I have FINALLY managed to...
  48. H

    How to reset password ibm thinkpad 240x

    How do i reset my password for my ibm thinkpad 240x if i forgot it ?
  49. J

    Remove bios/boot Password From R52 ThinkPad

    Hi, i have a IBM thinkpad R52 laptop, i forgot my bios and boot password, is there any way i can reset these password. please, i really need your expert support/advise. best regards, JR
  50. C

    Ibm thinkpad pass word reset commands

    I am unable to log into my computer as my old password is not working and my finger print access is not allowing access. All I have is a black screen asking me for the unlock code.
  51. J

    Thinkpad pantium m password removal

    how i remove startup pasword from ibm thinkpad pentium m :sleep:
  52. S

    Ibm thinkpad r51

    Hello, i've got a r51 ibm thinkpad. wont go online to be able to download drivers.. where do I get them?
  53. M

    Internet button

    Hello, Where is the switch or keyboard control button to turn on the "I" internet for my IBM Thinkpad? Thanks,Michael
  54. C

    Ibm thinkpad freeze

    So i have an IBM Thinkpad r60 but for some reason it keeps freezing after anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour of use. its not the mouse and its not a heat problem either it just freezes. Also i dont have a battery in it due to my battery dying
  55. M

    Can I upgrade the processor in an old IBM Thinkpad X30?

    Hello, I have an IBM ThinkPad X30 that has been a real workhorse for me for years. It's durable, compact and efficient, but it's starting to slow down. Aside from upgrading the RAM, presently 504MB, can I also upgrade the processor? It has a Pentium III M 1.2ghz CPU. Thanks in advance for...
  56. B

    Battery Replacement for IBM Thinkpad T40 (Type 2374)

    Hello there, I own a used IBM Thinkpad T40 (Type 2374) laptop. Its an old laptop, very loud fans (Temperature is also very high - However I have noticed that the battery doesnt heat up much, most of the heat is from the central bottom where the CPU is). Other than that it works very well...
  57. L

    [Solved] No sound on IBM T40

    what is the make and model of the sound card in the t40 ibm thinkpad?
  58. F

    Thinkpad T42 will only work with battery

    I have an IBM ThinkPad T42 (well my mother's actually) and recently my mother spilt coffee on it. After letting it dry for a few days I noticed that some keys on the keyboard didn't function so I replaced the keyboard. Up until here everything was fine. Now the laptop randomly shuts off asif it...
  59. R

    IBM ThinkPad 770Z cpu always busy

    My trusted 770Z has slowed down enormously. Any tips on how I can free her up to run at normal speeds. I have removed unused software and I have taken off all the virus checking software, Is there anything else I can do? Memory is still only 30% used....Regards....Rob