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  1. ad4y

    Ibm Thinkpad 760el laptop keyboard not working plus error codes 173/163 shows up

    Ok, I pick up this ibm thinkpad 760el and when I turn it on, I see that ram ok, then it shows error 163, then 173 then I get a black screen but on the upper left corner I get a little computer icon and a padlock and a blinking cursor I try to type in anything hit enter but nothing happens, I...
  2. R

    Ibm Thinkpad A22M 2628 ram type

    I happen to have received an Ibm Thinkpad a22m 2628 without any ram. I have checked around online and I have checked Crucial. Crucial says the type of ram is pc133 and other sites say its pc100. Which ram is the correct type ram to find for this older laptop. I do know the laptop works since...
  3. E


    Hello, my name is Justice Oliver, i have ibm thinkpad R50e, recently i pluged in the adapter cable to charge the laptop, to my surprise all dat came out was smock from the inside within the charging port area. As a result my system dosnt charge any more and my batery is turend to zero , its no...
  4. L

    Ibm thinkpad 770x manual

    Hello, I am getting a error 00301 message on my thinkpad
  5. G

    Ibm bios password

    I am trying to log into an IBM thinkpad but I seem to have forgotten the BIOS password anyone who can help me? Shem
  6. G

    IBM Thinkpad laptop its dispaly is faintly

    Dear IT expert , i have my laptop IBM ThinkPad whenever i switch it on it display only one word as it passes 3 to 5 seconds it display is faintly totally when i try to look carefuly i found that words are not visible and nothing we can do.Please help me
  7. J

    Ibm thinkpad keeps restarting

    i just had my ibm thinkpad wiped clean by a computer tech, i've got AVG installed and had just scanned for virus' and there was no threats. after the scan, my mouse stops working, so I restarted it, and now it just keeps rebooting going to a blue screen with white text saying the laptop wasn't...
  8. W

    IBM Thinkpad Online Manuals

    where can i get an ibm thinkpad t41 user manual?
  9. K

    Upgrade my hard drive on my thinkpad t42

    Hello, I would like to upgrade my hard drive on my IBM thinkpad 2373-DE5 T42. What is the largest hard drive I can install on my machine? Any help will be appreciated.
  10. I

    Solved! Hellppp

    Hello, i have a ibm thinkpad (t43) and i recently did a fresh install of windows xp prof. and now i cant figure out why the wireless isnt working and i cant set up a network or even a local area connection. the wizard keeps saying it cannot find my network hardware...what does that mean? i never...
  11. rnathbatra

    Solved! Need to awake Laptop from Standby twice

    Hello, I have a IBM Thinkpad T43. The problem is that whenever I wake it up from standby/sleep mode. It works alright for a few seconds and then it again goes to standby on its own. :o . After i wake it up from sleep the second time, there is no problem and it works without a problem. I would...
  12. S


    Hello, i have an ibm thinkpad 600 it gives error code 161 and 163. accompanied by a lock and computer icon in the top left corner. i press enter to move to the easy set up screen. it then freezes showing the refer to manual screen. I have tried to hold down f1 while powering on. ctrl alt del...
  13. P

    Display issues on IBM ThinkPad

    im locked out of my t22
  14. R

    Solved! Ibm thinkpad 2626 390 how to hook up to internet

    Hello,how do it get it to hookup to get internet
  15. R

    Firmware for ibm thinkpad

    Hello, i got a ibm thinkpad t42 windows xp and cannot use the wireless function n my device manager there are ? by other devices and by network controllers
  16. S

    Wireless Lan drivers for ibm thinkpad r51 for windows 7

    i want to enable my wireless Lan
  17. L

    Solved! Is the hard drive for ibm 2743 compatable with ibm t42?

    i have a ibm thinkpad 2743...the pc was taken apart and the screw pieces broken. i have 2 hard drives and want to know what type thinkpad is compatable for the hard drives i have. I want to get something off ebay.
  18. seogoat

    IBM ThinkPad R50e Ram?

    I got asked to look at this grubby looking old IBM ThinkPad R50e. I think it's that model because the laptop says IBM ThinkPad and the screen says R50e. Is that correct? They were wondering why it was so slow. Turns out it has 256mb of RAM running windows xp. I uncliped the back and it seems...
  19. D

    IBM ThinkPad X30, X31 and X32 recovery cds

    I'm restoreing several IBM ThinkPad X30, X31 and X32's and I need original restore cd's or a copy for each model. These are systems that are to be donated to low income senior citizens. Can anyone help? Wayne
  20. P

    How to change my ibm thinkpad ide for a sata

    how do i change the ide connection inside for a sata, where is the thing and what do i need to do to change it on the m'board?
  21. D

    Solved! Can i fix a moniter on an IBM think pad laptop if it\'s screen is not showing

    hey there am called drizydre and i have an IBM thinkpad laptop which has a spolit screen, so can i fix a working flat screen monoitor on my laptop to act as my screen display?
  22. S

    Solved! Ibm thinkpad t22 hard drive

    I have two issues the first being, that I have an IBM Thinkpad T22 and have installed a brand new western digital wd1600beve hard drive which is a 160 gb drive. Whenever I try to power up the computer the hard drive light on the keyboard lights up for a fraction of a second and nothing...
  23. T

    My IBM THINKPAD speakers

    Hello, I am Tadashe....I have an IBM THINKPAD and i cant get the speakers to you think you can help me out? :??: :(
  24. R

    How to delete user account in IBM Thinkpad T41

    How to delete user account in IBM Thinkpad T41
  25. W

    How do I turn on my IBM thinkpad iseries 1300

    someone gave me a IBM thinkpad iseries 1300. I know nothing about them. Power cord is new so I am told but I don't even know where the power switch is and no instructions came with it can anyone help me?
  26. B

    IBM ThinkPad A20m

    What is the max capactity of Hard drive and ram that this A20m laptop's motherboard can hold?
  27. K

    Solved! How to connect a IBM Thinkpad 600 wireless

    how do i make a ibm thinkpad 600 e be about to connect though a wireless connecton
  28. G

    Bios Password Removal

    removal of bios password for ibm thinkpad g-40
  29. S

    IBM thinkpad T40 not working

    I have an old laptop IBM Thinkpad T40 the laptop's fan did to much noise so opened the laptop and cleaned the fan and since then when turn it on the computer start to work but the screen shows me nothing I got blank screen I've tried to connect it to other desktop screen thought VGA and it still...
  30. H

    How to reset password ibm thinkpad 240x

    hoi i have a ibm thinkpad 240x how to reset my pass on my ibm i forgot my pass
  31. puya4puya

    Sound problem with my R40 IBM Thinkpad

    Hello there. I have a IBM Thinkpad R40, MBO: IBM 272326G, Chipset Intel Odem i855PM. These are the exact driver for my model...
  32. W

    Solved! IBM Thinkpad

    Hello,I need a screen for an IBM Thinkpad Type#2723..apparently dropped and shattered the display.. ********
  33. D

    Solved! IBM thinkpad 380z onboard hard drive problem

    i have a IBM thinkpad that has a onborad hard drive it a p2 processor and i put in my in my windows 98 cd and it says your computer does not have a hard disk, your hard disk is not functioning correctly, or your hard disk requires a special device driver. contact your computer vendor for...
  34. B

    Solved! Black screen on start up on IBM thinkpad iseries

    just got a 2621 42u iseries and when i turned it on the screen stayed black. any ideas?
  35. Copperhead 1

    IBM Thinkpad Z60t Battery Maintenance?

    Hi!, I have recieved an older model IBM ThinkPad Z60t as a gift from a family member. I am a rank novice at the tech game, but the computer is very important to some business I am involved in, so I want to keep it well maintained. I have two questions that are unrelated but I think this is the...
  36. M

    How to bypass an ibm thinkpad T22 LAPTOP password

    Hello, How to bypass an ibm thinkpad T22 LAPTOP password
  37. G

    How you open cd tray on an ibm think pad x31

    i own an ibm thinkpad x31 t3o laptop and it has a cd bay how you open the cd bay to burn cds
  38. G

    Solved! Matshita driver

    Hello, I am troubleshooting an IBM Thinkpad and the Matshita Driver is indicated as 'corrupt'. Where do I find a driver for the DVD-ROM SR-8177 without installing a 'fix all your drivers tool'? That PC has no access to the internet but I can install it with a flash drive. Thanks, Gord
  39. J

    Solved! Can IBM Thinkpad 600e use a wireless pcmcia card?

    I have an older IBM Thinkpad 600e that is running win. 2000. My daughter wants to get online wirelessly. Will any of these pcmcia cards work or should I be looking for a particular one?
  40. N

    My ibm thinkpad t41 turns on and after 3 seconds it turns off

    my ibm thinkpad t41 turns on and after 3 seconds it turns off and if i want to turn it back on i have to take the battery out and put it back in pleaaaase can someone help me by telling me how to fix it or what the problem is??????
  41. G

    Thinkpad R51 need drivers

    Hi I've reformatted by IBM Thinkpad R51 but don't have drivers for wirelesscard, audio, and USB ports. Using Windows XP. :( Please help
  42. R

    T21 To burn or not to burn

    I got a T21 IBM ThinkPad for Christmas and I was wondering if I could replace the DVD/CD ROM it came with, with one of those burner drives all laptops seem to be coming with today?
  43. R

    Drivers for thinkpad r51

    hello please send me drivers for ibm thinkpad r51 my mail id- thanking you
  44. R

    Recover IBM ThinkPad from Hibernation

    I close the lid of my IBM thinkpad at night, and in the morning, I am forced to restart it by holding in the power button and rebooting. It does not go into sleep/standby mode and it gets stuck in hibernation mode. However, I think this is only the case either when in my dock, or charging, I'm...
  45. G

    Solved! Recover ibm thinkpad

    Hi, how to recover factory settings in IBM thinkpad older series like r and t, if the windows is corrupted or infected.
  46. R

    IBM Thinkpad T-40 HDD Upgrade

    I want to upgrade my IBM T-40 Thinkpad from a current 40GB HDD to something at least twice the size or larger. Almost every bit of the literature I've read about T-40s indicates that they can only handle up to 80GB HDDs. Any truth to that? Also, the current HDD is ATA (IDE); is it possible...
  47. A


    I have a older ibm thinkpa 600e and windows xp was on it andquit working how do i resitall windows xp on it and if need be where would i get a boot up software for it
  48. R

    IBM Thinkpad T40 LCD goes dim after boot up

    The screen is fine for a boot 2 seconds then goes very dim. Attached monitor comes up fine.
  49. P

    IBM Thinkpad T43

    Hi guys, anyone know where I can find a spare battery for the IBM (well now Lenovo) ThinkPad T43? There are numerous options online... was just wondering if anyone here can point to a reliable supplier. Thanks!
  50. bildo123

    Bizarre IBM Thinkpad T30 lockup

    Alrighty, I do have a particularly strange issue that I want to throw out there although I'm still in the works of fixing it. To start off, yes this thinkpad T30 has fallen victim to bad engineering and does for a fact have a broken RAM slot(I soon found out this was typical of the T30)...
  51. G

    IBM Thinkpad 600E

    I've got an ancient IBM Thinkpad 600E which is fine for my limited use except that I can't find a USB2 socket. Should there be one? If nmot, is it possible to fit one?
  52. F

    IBM thinkpad t23 + windows xp pro install black screen

    Let me start off by saying anytime I have a computer issue this forum is my first resort and usually helps me solve my problems. However, this problem has been haunting me for a while and have yet to find an answer. I have an older IBM thinkpad t23 which still runs decently for what I use it...
  53. A

    IBM think pad t42

    Hi was wondering if these hard drives were compatible with my ibm thinkpad t42. If not can you plz send me a link that is. Thanks for the help.
  54. S

    reset bios password on IBM

    I have an IBM Thinkpad T30 2366-88u I used to be able to enter the bios. I pulled the little round lithium backup battery out and now the bios wants a password to get in. The thing won't even boot now. Says the date and time settings have changed
  55. M

    Thinkpad not working

    I got an IBM Thinkpad T42. For probably over a year it hasn't work, and I didn't try to really do anything since I got a new thinkpad right before it stopped working. I'm trying to fix this up for someone now. Here's the problem. When I power on, I press the blue 'Access IBM' button. After a...
  56. G

    IBM ThinkPad A31p: An Exclusive First Look

    Dear Tom; I thought this was a wonderful and thorough evaluation of the A31p. What I would like to know is if you have reviewed any other ThinkPad computers with which you are equally impressed, if not more so? I am considering purchasing an A31p, but I am trying to find out if there are...
  57. I

    Is it possible to install MacOS (intel) on a Thinkpad Z60M

    I am using an IBM Thinkpad Z60M, it runs on Intel 915PM chipset, with a Centrino 2.0, 1.5Gb RAM, and 80gb HDD. My Windows is crashing a lot lately so I thought of formatting and starting all over. It then hit my mind that some users were able to install the Intel Mac OS on desktops with a...
  58. G

    X Windows on ThinkPad 340CSE

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi, I've got an old IBM ThinkPad 340CSE, installed Slackware 7.1 (well, ZipSlack plus some selected packages) and would like to get X windows working. The build in Cirrus GD6245 should support 640x480x8, but I can only get it runnig at...
  59. M

    Ibm Thinkpad 730T??

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I bought a Thinkpad 730T. I googled MYA off and didn't find anything about the hard drive and how to get software onto it. Is there a howto on this machine? Thanks, mike -- Return address is VALID but some sites block emails with links...
  60. J

    Ibm Thinkpad 600e hard drive sizing

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) I want to upgrade my old thinkpad hd with a higher capacity one. The old drive is a 12mm height drive, but the newer ones are generally 9mm. Will I need a caddy or mounting tray to accomodate the thinner drive? The old drive was not in any...