Good fast os for IBM ThinkPad A20m


Dec 22, 2012
I have recently got an IBM ThinkPad A20m Type 2628-1UU. The specs are 128Mb ram, 6Gb hard drive, CD-Rom, Floppy, and a 550 MHz Celeron processor. When I got it, it had windows 98 SE on it. I installed windows xp home on it, but it was too slow so I put windows 2000 pro on it but it is a little slow, freezes up, and comes up with the blue screen of death every now and then. I really don't want to reinstall 2000, and I don't know what os I should put on it. What I want to do on it is to be able to type papers and browse the web. I was thinking about Ubuntu but I would have to install a really old version so it would run half decent. I was thinking about Puppy Linux or mint or some other free os and suggestions? Thanks in advance!



Try Puppy or Mint. Both pretty lightweight.