How To Send Messages with Your Contact List Via Facebook Messenger

It is easy to communicate with all your friends, relatives, or colleagues who are using Facebook Messenger. If your friends have added their phone number to Facebook while using Facebook Messenger and their numbers are saved in your phone’s address book, their names will be shown in the Messenger under the ‘PEOPLE WITH MESSENGER’ list.

In order send messages to your friends via Facebook Messenger, you can go to the ‘PEOPLE WITH MESSENGER’ list, pick the friend with whom you want to converse, and start typing the message. Your messages are then delivered to the user.

Note: The ‘PEOPLE WITH MESSENGER’ list displays only the contacts from your phone’s address book who are on Facebook Messenger. All other contacts from the phone book remain hidden in the Messenger, and can be viewed only by going to the Contacts/Address Books app..

Here’s how you can exchange messages with the contacts of your phone book via Facebook Messenger:

    ■Turn on your Android smartphone.
    ■Tap the menu icon to go to the apps list.

    ■From the displayed list, locate and tap the Messenger app icon.

    ■Ensure that you have already synced the Facebook Messenger with your phone’s address book.
    ■Tap the View Contacts tab (tab with the three horizontal lines) from the top.
    ■On the next interface, under the PEOPLE WITH MESSENGER section, tap to select the contact with whom you want to chat.

    ■Alternatively, on the home interface (interface with a clock symbol), tap the Search icon (icon with a magnifying glass) from the bottom-left corner to search and select the desired user.

    ■Once the target contact is selected, tap the Write a message field from the bottom to create a text message.

    Note: Optionally, you can send Pictures, Stickers or Audio Clips using any of the options available below the text field.
    ■Once done, tap the Send button (button with an arrow symbol) from the bottom-right corner to send the message to the user.