How to Send Texts With WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app. It allows users to send text messages as well as photos, videos, and voice messages. Unlike other apps, however, WhatsApp doesn't support VoIP calls. Despite this limitation, WhatsApp has millions of users. If you are new to WhatsApp, here is how you send texts:

1. After you have downloaded WhatsApp and you launch it on your phone, you need to agree with the terms and conditions before you can use the service. Tap "Agree and Continue."


2. Then, you will be asked to confirm your country and phone number. Type your phone number on the space provided and tap OK. You will wait for a few minutes as the app verifies your phone number.


3. On the main page, tap the "New Message" icon found on the right corner of your screen to start messaging your contacts.


4. From your contacts list, tap any of the friends you want to send a message to. You can add smileys by tapping the Smileys icon found inside the message box. After you finish composing your message, press the arrow to send your message.


5. To add pictures, videos, voice messages, and more in your message, tap the paper clip icon found on the upper right corner of your screen.