How to Set up a Game Controller with your Fire TV

Amazon Fire TVs went out into the market with a huge advantage over all competitors (Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku) that is the voice controller on the remote. You can actually speak to your remote controller and find whatever you need to find on your Fire TV. Another major advantage is the Amazon Game Controller with which you can play your favorite games. Read on to find out how to set it up for hours of non-stop fun.

This method is useful for your game controller since your remote control will pair automatically when you put the batteries on it and turn the Fire TV on. If it does not, then press and hold the ‘Home’ button for ten seconds until it does.

1. Go to the ‘Settings’ Menu
Choose it from your home screen. Go to the settings menu on the home screen of your Fire TV and select it. Or press and hold the voice command on your remote controller and say ‘Settings’ to it.

2. Choose ‘Controllers and Bluetooth devices’
Select ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’ from the list of settings. You can also hold down the voice menu button and say ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’ to it.

3. Add the new ‘Game Controller’
Choose ‘Add new game controller’ from the list. Go to ‘Game Controllers’ and then select ‘Add new game controller’ and make the Fire TV start looking for the device. You can also ask for it to Alexa holding down the voice menu button and saying ‘Add New Game Controller’ out loud.

4. Turn on the Game Controller
Press and hold down the ‘Home’ button on it. By pressing down and holding the [/b] ‘Home’ button, the game controller becomes visible to the Fire TV and the pairing can be made.

Important Note
● Amazon First Generation Fire TV can only support Xbox commands through a couple of wireless USB receivers. The aforementioned tutorial is not suitable for that Generation and the new Amazon Game Controllers are not compatible with them.
● If you upgraded your Fire TV from Generation one to Generations two and three you will no longer be able to use your Xbox controllers. Newer generations of Fire TV use the Amazon controllers exclusively.
● The Amazon Fire TV Game Controller is not compatible with the Fire TV Cube.