How to set up a PS4 controller with the HTC Vive


This tutorial will lead you how to setup successfully the PS4 controller with the HTC Vive. The set up for the PS4 controller for HTC Vive depends on the game you plan to play. For some games you just plug in your controller via USB and you can start to play immediately, and for others you will need to run the DS4Windows tool.These are the following steps you will need to take so you can complete the set up for your PS4 controller with the HTC Vive:

    ■ PS4 controller may not be compatible with a PC out of the box, yet a Xbox 360 controller is fully compatible. We are going to make the PS4 controller functional with your PC by tricking it to think that the PS4 controller is a Xbox 360 controller. And to do that there is a simple way using the DS4Windows tool.
    Tool Link:

    ■ After you download the software extract the files, use a zip converter. So you can be sure that you have the newest version of this required software you should run the updater component.

    ■ You will get a guide that will explain to you every step you will need to take for the installation process to be successful by a wizard. If you have windows 8 or more than you will manage this by only following the instructions you will get, but those that are using windows 7 will have to download also the driver for an Xbox 360 controller.


When the steps above are completed you can connect your PS4 controller.

As you finish with the installation process you can start playing your favorite games, just be sure that you have configured the controller the way that will be good for you. You can enjoy your VR experience now and play the VR games with your favorite controller.
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