How to Set Up an OTA Antenna for Free Network TV?

The cost of various cable service providers can sometimes be very expensive. However, many people have been cleverly making use of over the air (OTA) antennas to gain a few free cable channels and dodge the expensive bills. In this article, you can learn how to take advantage of this opportunity and install your OTA antenna to get free cable TV stations and save yourself some cash!
Listed below are the steps for you.

1. Get a Good Antenna
The first step to setting up an OTA antenna is by ensuring you have a good antenna that can pick up local and other cable stations. A bad antenna may not have the strong reception needed to capture broadcast signals. Some antennas are also only good for certain geographical areas. So, make sure to pick the one that is suited to work with your location.

2. Locate the Direction of the Mast Provider of the TV Stations
To get the clearest HD signal for youth TV, you will need to locate the mast or signal transmitter of your service provider and point the antenna in that direction. You can find this information by looking online or by contacting your service provider.

3. Place Antenna in a Better Position
Also, to help you get the best signal, you will likely need to place the antenna outside the walls of your room which will reduce the interference caused by the walls of your house. Find the best position by putting the antenna in a place that has the least obstruction between the signal and the mast or transmitter. The roof is a popular option or on the side of the house closest to the transmitter.

4. Do Not Allow the Antenna to be Too Close to any Metal Object
Metal objects will likely obstruct the signal. When the antenna is close to metal objects the signal it receives will often be weakened. Try to ensure there is nothing like this nearby that might disrupt the signal.

5. Ensure that the Antenna is Placed High
The higher the antenna is placed, the clearer the signal it will get. Make sure you get the antenna as high as is possible. You can use a tall pole to achieve great and accurate height. Poles specifically fit for the job will be available online or from your local electrical supplier.

6. Try Different Directions
Try experimenting with different directions until you get a position that produces the best and most clear picture. However, ensure the direction you are trying is in the general direction of where the TV station or cable provider has its mast or transmitter stationed.

7. Use a Good Cable to Connect OTA Antenna to the TV
Buy good quality coax cable to achieve the best signal. Ensure that the wire is long to reach the TV and flows freely down to the location where the TV is mounted.