How to Set Up And Sync Gmail on a Windows Phone

One of the key features of a smartphone is that you can use it you get your email. If you have a new Windows Phone, you'll probably want to set up your email account. In this tutorial, we show you how to sync and set up your Gmail account with your Windows Phone.

1. If you haven’t already, then create a Gmail account by going to Gmail’s homepage.
2. Then, on your Windows Phone, go to ‘Settings’ from the app list or start screen.

3. Then tap on ‘Email+Accounts’ option. It will take you to the Email related settings.
4. Tap on +add account to add your Gmail account.

5. From that option you should select Gmail.

6. Then enter your Google related Email address & password in the blank box.
7. The Gmail account will be linked to your windows phone.
1. Go to Settings on your phone.

2. Then go to Synchronization
3. Tap on Gmail to sync the account
1.Go to settings on your phone.

2.Then tap on ‘Email+Accounts’
3.Then tap and hold the Gmail option. A popup will come out.
4.Tap on synchronize. It will sync automatically from now on.