How to Setup Chromecast on MacBook Pro

Streaming media on the small screen of your laptop can sometimes take a lot away from your experience. Especially when you have an HD LED TV lying idle just across the couch.
Chromecast is one of the most efficient devices to cast your HD content onto your LED TV. Having said that, it is perhaps not too difficult to use as well. You only need to follow these steps.

1.) Connect Chromecast to Your TV
Connect Chromecast to your TV via the HDMI port located at the back of your TV. Also, connect it to one of the USB ports for power. This is all it takes to set up the hardware. You can now take up your laptop.

2.) Open Chrome Browser Website
Open 'Safari' and enter the address ''. You will be directed to their Chrome Browser download page.

3.) Download Chrome Browser
Select the 'Download Chrome' button on the webpage and agree to the terms and conditions. You download shall begin.

4.) Install Chrome Browser
You can install Chrome Browser by clicking on the file after the download is completed.

5) Search for Chromecast Extension
Once the Chrome browser is installed, open it and do a google search for Chromecast extension. The first link should open the Add Extension page.

6.) Add Extension
Click the 'Add to Chrome' button in the page. You then need to confirm by clicking on the 'Add Extension' button in the pop-up. Google Cast extension will have been added to your Chrome browser.

7.) Open Media and Cast
Open any media in a streaming website of your choice. After the media starts streaming in the Chrome Browser on your MacBook, click on the 'Chromecast Button' on the right of the address bar. A pop-up should appear.

8.) Agree to Help Improve Cast
Checkbox against Automatically send cast extension usage statistics to Google, and click 'OK'. Another pop-up would appear.

9.) Choose Chromecast Device
Select your Chromecast device in the pop-up asking where to cast the website. Your HD TV would begin streaming the content.

You can now cast your HD content on the big screen of your TV.
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