How to Start Your Free Trial Subscription On Netflix

Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching movies, TV series, documentaries and feature films over a wide range of genres. It is available in more than 190 countries and counting, and with more than 130 million subscriptions. Netflix generally requires a subscription payment, but it is free for the first month.
You can make as many accounts as you like if you have different payment methods and keep in mind to cancel the membership before the end of the first month. There is no legal way to watch Netflix for free, and here’s how to get started with your free trial subscription.

1. Open 'Netflix'
Open Netflix. Go to on your web browser or you can download the Netflix app from Play Store, here.

2. Join Free For A Month
Click 'Join Free For A Month' It is a red button on the middle left hand side of the screen.
If Netflix is already Signed-in to one account, Sign out from the existing account from by hovering over the profile icon in top right of the webpage.

3. See The Plans
Click 'See The Plans'. This is the first step which will prompt you to check out the 3 plans that Netflix has to offer.

4. Select a Plan
Click 'Continue Since this is just for the free membership only, you can select any plan as you will end the membership before one month. It is best to keep the default selected as it allows HD streaming.
In case you want to have a membership afterwards, try to select a plan that suits your needs the best.

5. Click 'Continue' to sign up using your email. This is the account creation page where you enter a working email address in the top text field and a password in the bottom one.

6. Enter 'Email' and 'Password'

7. Enter 'Card Details'
Don’t worry, Netflix will not take any money without your permission from your account. Only if you forget to cancel the membership before a month, it will prompt that the payment has been made for your further usage.

8. Start Membership
Scroll Down and Click 'Start Membership'. Now you can start using Netflix as much as you like for a period of one month. Do note it to cancel the membership around the end of the month.

9. End Membership
● Hover over profile icon and Click 'Account'
● Click 'Cancel Membership', then 'Finish Cancellation'
● You will be signed out and then you can continue with the website
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