How to successfully Update your Roku TLC Firmware

The ROKU devices are set up to regularly check for updates and install them on your system without your intervention. This is essential as ROKU devices can only operate effectively when their system is running on the latest software. That said, there are instances where you will need to manually set up these updates, such as when the device has been disconnected for long periods of time. This may also be necessary once you have installed any given channel from the ROKU channel store, or if you install a channel that is yet to be certified.

Installing Manual Updates
Outlined below is a simple and systematic procedure for manually checking for updates.
1. Navigate to the home button on your device’s remote.

2. Navigate to the settings button and press.

3. Navigate to the system icon and press.

4. Navigate to the system update function. The system will show the last real update made, and the new versions available.

5. Choose the ‘check now’ function for manual installation of these updates.

Depending on the available updates, either on the device’s system or the list of preinstalled channels, ROKU will automatically install them. The system may restart itself to integrate these updates.

How To Remedy A Roku Device That Is Unable To Update Its TLC Firmware

An update is sometimes interrupted or stopped by a certain error code. Each error code identifies a certain problem that you can usually fix yourself. Common error codes are 001, 002, 003 and 005. These tend to arise from connection issues which prevent the installation of updates. The first remedy you could try is waiting for a few minutes for the connection to steady itself, and then attempt the manual process all over again. The ROKU TLC device will show you if the connection continues to be limited by notifying you on-screen.
To check for connectivity issues, you may restart your router device or simultaneously reboot the ROKU and the router device. A simple way of doing this is to go to the settings menu of the device, navigate to ‘system’, then choose the ‘system restart’ option. If you have successfully linked the ROKU and router device, the connection will automatically be achieved on restarting. If this is not the case, you can pair the devices by manually inputting the network credentials.
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