How To Troubleshoot Jitter On Your HTC Vive

If you have troubles with jittering leave your headset on the ground in the middle of your play zone so you can see if the image is stable. If you are seeing a low level of wobbles than the hardware is ok but if the image is shaking a lot than your hardware may have some kind of defect. Either way this tutorial will show you how to solve this problem. Follow this steps so you can troubleshoot Jitter on your HTC Vive.

Step 1. Check your base stations

  • ■ You will need to make sure if your base stations are stable.
Step 2. You will need to run room setup one more time

Step 3. Check if your base stations have protective plastic on

  • ■ Remove the protective plastic from your base stations
    ■ Clean your base stations
Step 4. Cover everything that can cause reflection in your room

  • ■ You will need to cover your TV , windows….
Step 5. Change USB 3.0 to 2.0

Step 6. Use Sync cable in mode A-B

  • ■ Without the Sync cable in use change Lighthouses B-C to C-B
Step 7. You will need to test both of your base stations individually

  • ■ Single station in A
Step 8. Turn off any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi source.

  • ■ Also turn off the network controllers.
    ■ Restart your PC and start fresh room setup
Step 9. Disable performance settings in SteamVR

  • ■ Also disable Bluetooth communication and camera.
Step 10. Take a look inside in your base stations, while it’s tracking there should be two striped spots.

  • ■ IF you see only one stripe than your base station is broken.
Step 11. Reduce distance between your headset and the base stations

Step 12. Reinstall SteamVR

Step 13. Make the setup in different environment

  • ■ Try to make it on a different PC
    ■ If this step don’t solve your problem contact HTC support.