How to Turn Off Fire TV Cube

When Amazon presented the Cube to the world it was supposed to be a revolution because you got Alexa´s full capabilities to control all the entertainment system you have mounted at home. This little Cube not only lived up to its name, but it also sold a lot of units in the first few months. When buying it, you get all the best features of a Fire TV inside a little box that can fit in the palm of your hand and also takes voice commands. This sometimes can be a little annoying for some, so read on to find out how to turn it off.

There are no commands to completely shut off the apparatus with your voice, but these are the steps to follow if you want it to stop completely whatever it is doing.

Steps to Turn off Fire TV Cube

1. Turn Off the Microphone
Turn off the microphone by pressing the button on top of the cube. There is a dedicated button on top of the apparatus for the microphone to be shut in such a way it won’t hear your voice or respond to your voice commands.

2. Stop Alexa and Put it on Standby

Saying Alexa, ‘Stop’ out loud will cause the Cube to stop whatever it is doing and go into standby mode. This command can be used at any time. You will have to say it out loud which is enough for your Cube TV to stop whatever it is doing.

Alexa goes into standby mode and it is what you could call asleep so if you want to wake up Alexa all you need to do is say ‘Alexa’ and add a command and it will be out of stand-by hibernation immediately and follow your commands again. This feature is particularly useful when you are gone from the TV section but plan to be back later.

3. Disconnect the Cube
Disconnect the adapter from the current. To turn the Cube completely off it must be disconnected from the power source, otherwise, it will always be on standby.

Note that once you disconnect it from the power there are no commands to bring it back on except plugging it back in.