How to Turn On MacBook Pro Keyboard Backlight

The MacBook Pro laptop in any series is one of the coolest portable computer gadgets you can lay your hands on. It is equipped with a back lit keyboard as a primary feature. When a glitch as simple as a keyboard lighting malfunction comes around, it can likely throw you the user into a panic. However, understanding some basic troubleshooting techniques is pretty manageable. Essentially, you just need to go through what works best when the situation arises. Similarly, you can resolve the situation with just a few simple steps.

Why a lighted keyboard in the first place?

As a basic feature, a lighted keyboard tends to be more appealing Because of the notebook’s portability, a user can run any project wherever they wish. When the MacBook Pro laptop, however, gets into to too much sunlight, the light sensor automatically dims off. This feature also saves your battery life. When the user is working in a less lit area the lighted feature of the keyboard comes in handy.

Ways to turn keyboard backlight on

Because intense light exposure impairs the keyboard’s backlight, the user's laptop will likely display a locked image. Blame this drawback to direct lighting, the intense light from the sun, concentrated light in the room setting or as plain as the presence of a glare. You resolve this issue by following these easy steps.
First, move the laptop away from the bright light.
Next, simply put pressure on the keyboard and the back light should come one. This you do by working on the light sensor located adjacent to the iSight/FaceTime camera.

Then, cover or shade the area so no bright light is detected.
Accordingly, this automatically turns the keyboard back light keys in an instant.
At this point, use the F5 and F6 keys.
Pressing the F5 and F6 keys will assist you in adjusting the desired illumination.

Next, play around with the illumination indicator and control.
Through the illumination indicator and control, customize the lighting- at a lower or brighter intensity as shown:

Some users utilize the weakest lighting set up. Still, others activa[strike][/strike]te the blackout (F8) completely whenever possible. Accordingly, doing this with the led lighting will further modify the laptop's battery usage. It moreover it enables the user to make use of their MacBook Pro in an entirely dark area or a room. Other keyboard shortcuts to assist you in adjusting the Mac notebook's keyboard lighting are the keys F9 and F10. Control these keys to dim or intensify the led lights respectively.

What happens when this doesn't work?

When shielding and shading the light sensor for the keyboard light to come back on doesn’t work, there is an alternative method you could use. Through this method you will have to adjust the laptop’s backlight controls manually. With it, you are able to alter the automatic lighting button. Consequently, you are then able to adjust the keyboard’s brightness to your desired setting. The following lists the actions you should take:
1. Start by clicking on the system preferences via the Apple menu.
It will display the laptop’s system preference icons.

2. Proceed by choosing the keyboard panel.
This pulls the keyboard inset up.

3. As soon as you click on the keyboard control, two settings pop up.
Un-check the second option (“automatically illuminates keyboard in low light”).

4. Again, use the F5 and F6 keys same way as the previous technique.
This procedure will assist you in impacting on the keyboard’s illumination functions.
Similarly, at this point, the keyboard’s led lighting is back on.

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