How to update Android without using a PC


One of the great things about Android is that work to improve it is ever ongoing. There is a regular schedule of updates, bug fixes and improvements that can be delivered directly to your device. If you want to update Android without using a PC, here is how you do it.

Schedules differ depending on the type of device you have. Android core is usually updated once per year, with Android N due sometime around September 2016. Between OS updates, there is a regular program of fixes, security updates and hotfixes throughout the year.

Most of these updates happen automatically, but if you want to know how to trigger it manually, this is what you do. Make sure your phone is backed up before updating the core OS, just in case.

1. Turn on network data or Wi-Fi on your device by swiping down on the Quick Connect menu and enabling your connection of choice.
2. Navigate to Settings and About Device (or About phone).
3. Tap System updates at the top of the list and wait for the next process to complete.
4. If your device needs an update, the process will download and prompt you to install it. If you don’t need an update, the screen will tell you so.

Depending on the update, you may be prompted to reboot the device or be warned that your device will reboot one or more times to complete the procedure.

Most critical fixes and updates are pushed to your device automatically and will download, or prompt you to download as soon as they become available. If you don’t have Wi-Fi or data enabled by default, you will be prompted as soon as you connect.

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