How to upgrade and install an SSD on the HP Spectre X360


There are three SSD options for the new HP Spectre X360 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. Even with larger drives, it is very easy to fill them up. Fortunately, HP specified standard NVMe M.2 SSDs which are very straightforward to swap out. Here’s how to upgrade and install an SSD on the HP Spectre X360.

You will need to make sure to get a compatible SSD, the current 850 or 950 range of M.2 SSDs from Samsung are a good bet. Other brands are of course available.

Replace the SSD on the HP Spectre X360
Once you have your hard drive, it will take around 15 minutes to swap it out.

1. Make sure the laptop is turned completely off and remove it from the mains.

2. Place the HP Spectre X360 face down on a clean work surface.
3. Remove the eight Phillips screws holding the bottom enclosure in place. The screws are two sizes, make sure to keep them separate so they don’t get mixed up.

4. Disconnect the battery cable. This should just slide out the slot.
5. Locate the SSD and remove the two screws holding it in place. Keep the screws safe.

6. Slide the SSD up and out. Be careful to slide the drive gently out of its slot angling it up and out.
7. Replace the SSD and reverse the procedure to install your new SSD.
8. Install Windows or whatever OS you want. Check out the HP Spectre X360 clean install guide if you need help.

As long as you’re careful and don’t lose any of the screws, changing the SSD in an HP Spectre X360 is very straightforward. Follow this guide and you should not have any issues replacing the drive with something larger.
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