Question Can I install an Optical Disc Drive into my modern HP Laptop?


Jan 29, 2022
My Hp Notebook 15 (da01333tu) has what appears to be a slot for a disc drive when you remove the back cover even though it was not released with one, i wonder could i install one and just alter the edge of the back cover to let the disc drive come out the side? I can show you a picture but not sure how to add it on here yet sorry

see 3:25 to see the laptop with the back cover off and you will see it, it even has a connection there for one there im pretty sure?
Mar 16, 2023
No there isn't a cut out on the casing for it, there are a few models of these HPs that are identical. I have a couple of 255 G7 which are identical.
You would need to use an external drive/caddy. Why do you need an optical drive anyway..?