How To Use A SRT File In VLC Player

While watching a video or a movie on VLC Player, sometimes you face a problem in understanding as to what is being said. One of the biggest reason for this problem can be language barrier. Well, the only solution to this problem is Subtitles.

It is common that while watching a video or a movie you will need them. Subtitles make it easy for the viewers to understand what’s said in the video. Most common example of this is in the case of movies. Sometimes, the accent of the people in the videos is really strange and makes it ambiguous for the viewers to figure out as to what is being said by the subject. Often people of some other nation download subtitles in their native languages and are able watch foreign movies. These subtitles are available in different languages and hence they provide videos a universal appeal. Nowadays, subtitles are also used in many different theatres for making it easy for audiences to understand. These subtitles usually come in SRT files.

Most of the time at least one SRT file is given along with the video file and sometimes you need to download it from the internet. These SRT files have been serving people well all over the world. If you have a SRT file and don’t know how to use it in the video, follow the below mentioned steps.

    ■Click on the VLC Player icon to open the program.

    ■Select Media menu.

    ■Click the option Open File.

    ■Search a video file having a SRT file.

    ■Select the video file and click Open.

    ■Click Video in menu bar of VLC Player.

    ■Go to Subtitles Track option available in the drop-down list of Video menu.

    ■A sub-menu will appear wherein you have to click Open File option.


    ■Now a window will open up. Browse and locate the SRT file and select it.

    ■After you have selected the SRT file, click OK.

Now, the subtitles will begin to play. There’s an alternate method of using SRT files while playing the video, and that is by dragging the SRT file in VLC Player window while the video is playing. Now you can sit back and relax. You can read the subtitles and can understand what is conveyed by the subject in the video. There are several sites from where you can download these SRT files. However before you do so, make sure that the site you choose for downloading subtitles is an authentic one.
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