How to Use a VPN on Roku and Get Local Channels from Around the World

Roku provides the chance for the users to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and be able to access all the local channels from all regions of the world. The user can set up a VPN router, can access that VPN on Roku through the Settings menu. Here is how you can use the VPN to get access to the wide range of local channels all around the world.

Step 1
Make sure that your Roku device is connected with the Virtual Private Network (VPN) network. Express VPN can also be used as a router for the establishment of the connection. You must also have a VPN network account to do this process. Use ‘netsh wlan start hostednetwork’ command in the cmd to start your express VPN router

Step 2
You can now ensure that your VPN router is connected by signing in to your VPN account.

Step 3
In the next step, you can change the location if need by clicking the ‘Select Another Location’. You must ensure that the location of your Roku account must be the same as the location of your VPN router.

Step 4
In your Roku remote device, select the ‘Home’ button as shown in the figure to see all the options on the Roku TV.

Step 5
From the list of the options, choose the ‘Settings’ option to view all the settings options of the Roku device.

Step 6
You should now select the ‘Settings’ option from the settings menu.

Step 7
In the networks option, choose the ‘Set up connection’ option and then select the ‘Wireless’ option to set up that connection.

Step 8
Now choose the name of your wireless VPN router.

Step 9
After entering the network’s 'Username' and 'Password', the connection would get established.

Step 10
Now, the status would change to 'Connected'.

Step 11
Since the VPN router is set up and is connected, you will be able to find all local channels while searching also in the featured channels

You can now successfully use the VPN on your Roku device to get all local channels from all regions of the world
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