How to Use Roku with Home Theatre Receiver for Better Sound

Many people use the Roku for viewing the media content streaming accessed from the internet on the Roku TV. The success of Roku is due to its easy navigation abilities and extensive range of features. Here is how you can now use your Roku devices hook up with your home theater receiver and enjoy the better sound experience while watching the videos.

Step 1
The initial step is to get to the home screen on your Roku device. You can easily do this with the help of your Roku remote. You need to press ‘Home’ button as shown to get the home screen displayed.

Step 2
Fix your home theatre and connect to your Roku device. You will find the list of several options listed on the Home screen of your Roku device. Now scroll down and choose the ‘Settings’ option to view all the settings choices for your Roku device.

Step 3
Now, from the settings options, you will have to click the ‘Audio’ option to reveal the options related to the audio for the Roku device.

Step 4
Now from the audio settings, you will have to choose the ‘Audio’ mode option to choose the appropriate sound setting for the better quality of sound.

Step 5
Now you will have to ensure that the automatic detection of the DTS is done, so click the ‘Auto (DTS)’ choice to enable this sound setting.

Step 6
Next, you click on the ‘S/PDIF and ARC’ option based on your home theatre and ensure that its auto detected and other sound quality options like Dolby D and much more sound quality options are also available for better sound effect while playing videos.

Step 7
Now for the Roku TV to handshake with the home theatre setup, you will have to go back to settings options and choose ‘System’ to open up the system settings list.

Step 8
Now from the system settings options, you have to choose the ‘Control other devices (CEC )’ option to make sure that sound of the home theatre is enabled and handshake properly with the Roku device.

Step 9
You can now ensure that the corresponding home theatre speaker sound setting is enabled and turned out for better sound quality as shown in the figure.

You can now successfully use your Roku with the home theatre and enjoy having better sound experience.
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