How to Use the ‘Memories’ Option in the Photos App on a MacBook Pro

The Photos application on your MacBook Pro lets you do much more than simply view your collection of photos. Aside from a host of editing tools, one of its coolest features is the memories. What this feature does is it clubs together all the photos from a particular date or occasion and creates an album slideshow which allows you to view the photos only relating to that particular memory. The memory can be from a date on which you went camping, or the photos from an entire month when you were preparing for an exhibition, etc. The memories can also be tweaked and personalized and you can follow the steps below to learn more about this feature.

Step 1
Open the Photos application and click on the ‘Memories’ tab.

Step 2
Double click on any of the available memories to view it in its entirety. This will show you the highlighted photos from the memory and if you click on the ‘show all’ button you can see all the photos in that memory album.

Step 3
Double click on any of the photos and it will expand onto the entire app window and then click on the Play button at the bottom right corner of the memory to create a slideshow of all the photos from that particular memory.

Step 4
Click on the button located at the bottom corner of the photos app window as shown in the image below and you can select a variety of playback options for the slideshow.

Step 5
At the bottom of the page you can find option to either add the memory as a favorite which will add it to a separate favorite list, or you can also choose to delete it.

The memory feature is a great way of looking back at old photos and reminiscing good times.
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