How to Use the 4k Spotlight Channel on Roku

Roku has been liked by many people all over the world. The 4k spotlight channel will be found listing the channels that offer 4k content and also projects the various 4k HDR movies that are available. The user should know how to use the 4k spotlight channel feature to the maximum. Here is how you can make complete use of the Spotlight channels for viewing the video contents on your Roku TV.

If you find a particular channel to offer the 4k movies, TV shows, you can proceed to install those by the addition of those channels to the Roku TV. You can also later remove it if not needed.

The User Must Find the 4k Channels that are Available in the Roku Channel Store
Step 1
The first step for the user is to press the home button in the Roku remote.

Step 2
Now the user must select the ‘Home’ to view the list of the various channels.
Step 3
Now the user should use the ‘Reverse Scan’ button(<)and use the ‘Forward Scan’ button (>) as shown below in order to browse through the channels to find the 4k channels.

Step 4
Now, from the list of the channels listed the user has to choose the ‘4K Spotlight’ channel to view all the 4k channels.

Step 5
On selecting the 4k spotlight channel, you need to choose any one of the 4k movie or the show to view the chosen 4k media content on your Roku TV. Here the 4k movie is chosen by the user.

Step 6
On clicking the 4k movie, you will get the two options. The user must choose ‘Continue to UltraFlix’ to view the 4k movie content.

Step 7
You can now see the movie through the UltraFix which is the library for the streaming of all the 4k content. Then the user will find a screen with the options of resuming the playing of the movie or playing from the beginning and the preview option. The user can pick up the choice to watch the 4k content movies on the Roku TV.

You can now use the 4k Spotlight channel to view the 4k movies on the Roku TV.
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