How to use the Chaperone camera on the HTC Vive


There is a feature in HTC Vive called the Chaperone. This feature helps the users not escape the boundaries of their play area by displaying something like a grid wall where the bounds are or give a thermal image of the nearby objects in the play area using a front facing camera. This Guide will help you enable and start using the Chaperone feature on your HTC Vive.
Steps to complete the process:

    ■Start SteamVR and wait for it to open up
    ■ Go to the Settings tab

    • a. On the left navigation find the Settings (near the bottom) button and click it
    ■ After the settings tab is open, open the Camera tab
    Enable Camera

    • a. When you open the Camera tab, on the right there will be a checkbox Enable Camera
      b. Click on the checkbox to enable the front facing camera
    ■ Choose your Camera permissions

    • a. After you enable the camera, more settings will appear below it. From there you can choose what permissions the camera will have
    ■ After all the steps you need to restart the SteamVR
    ■ Navigate again to the same place, and select Allow Camera in Dashboard

After this steps the process is successfully finished.
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