How to Use Your Voice to Search and Control Your Roku® Streaming Device


The Roku streaming device is yet another fine addition to any aficionado of the small screen. It is a new streaming gadget which you can simply plug into your TV and configure all your favorite content on to it, including options for playing music and a huge directory as well. But one of the best features about Roku is that with the new model you can use the remote to provide voice search commands and navigate through the content. Basically, you can search for you favorite Kung Fu movie without having to type ‘The 36 Chambers of The Shaolin’ in its entirety. If you are wondering how to use this cool new method of voice commands on your Roku TV, we got you covered!
Follow the steps below to use your voice to search and provide commands to the Roku streaming device.

Step 1
Press either the 'Mic' button or the search button on your remote, depending on which version of the device you have.

Step 2
Wait for the screen to show the voice symbol as well then bring the remote close to your mouth.

Step 3
Provide a basic search such as ‘Find Bruce Lee films’. The screen will show a loading symbol with the words ‘Thinking’ and then a list of all available Bruce Lee movies will be provided. However, you can not navigate through them using your voice but rather only using the remote.

Step 4
You can also provide alternate commands to search via genre, actor/actress/director, or even by the title of the movie or TV show. You can also launch applications using voice search commands such as ‘Launch the Amazon App’.