How to View More Details in the Finder Box in a MacBook Pro

For anyone who uses their MacBook Pro for professional purposes, it is quite easy to get slumped with a lot of files in their PC. And while Spotlight is a very nifty tool to dig out a file buried in a forever lost folder, it cannot show you the path towards that file nor can it show you details about it. This is rather done right through the Finder box itself. The Finder is an application which can provide you with various details regarding a file, depending on its type. Let’s see how to do this:

Step 1
Open a folder and it will open in finder.

Step 2
Click on the ‘View’ tab on the menu bar on top.

Step 3
In the drop down menu which opens click on ‘Show Status Bar’.

Step 4
This will open up an extra bar at the bottom of the Finder window where you can see all the various details regarding the selected file.

Step 5
Go back to the View drop down menu and now select the ‘Show Path Bar’ option.

Step 6
This will open up another extra bar at the bottom of the Finder window where the entire path of the selected file will be shown. You can also click on any part of the path to go to that particular location within the same window. Once you have these bars activated within your Finder window you will be able to check on various details of a file such as date crated, last modified, size, etc. without having to do anything extra and you will be able to trace its path as well. If you wish to disable either of the option go back to the view menu and simply click on the options to disable them.
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